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Lord Disick is no longer! Scott Disick revealed he’s officially ready to retire his alter ego after attempting to bring it back on the Aug. 18 episode of ‘Flip It Like Disick.’

Scott Disick has come a LONG way from his wild days, during which he often went by his alter ego of ‘Lord Disick,’ but on the Aug. 18 episode of Flip It Like Disick, the LORD was back! It all started when Scott struggled to sell a home he recently purchased in Malibu, so he and his colleagues decided to organize an open house to bring more prospective buyers to the property. Scott’s assistant, Lindsay, told him he couldn’t wear his new favored outfit — sweats — to attend the open house, and urged him to bring back Lord Disick instead.

“The Lord is my alter ego,” Scott explained. “But more than that, it’s really part of me. People call me a lot of things, but Lord is pretty much what stuck, and I can’t blame people for calling me the Lord. I used to wear capes, canes….maybe I was taking it a little too serious.” Scott wasn’t fully on-board with bringing back his Lord style at first — “[Sweats] are so much more comfortable,” he argued — but Lindsay pulled some old suits out of his closet to give him some inspiration, and he finally agreed.

The open house wound up going great, and Scott wound up selling the home for $5.5 million. “I definitely didn’t thinking bringing the Lord back was going to sell the property in Malibu, but seeing all the people who love the look and take it serious makes me realize it’s probably not the worst thing,” Scott admitted. “A little Lord never hurt anybody, I guess.”

However, don’t expect to see the Lord resurface anytime soon. “I tried to bring it back, the whole Lord, but it’s so much work to dress that elegant,” Scott told Lindsay. “I’d rather just look like a bum. I’m over it. We need to burn [the suit].” It’s no secret that Scott is a changed man, but could the Lord really be retired for GOOD?!

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