Scrappy & Erica Dixon Fuel Dating Rumors W/ Helicopter Video

Scrappy & Erica Dixon Fuel Dating Rumors W/ Helicopter Video 7

Scrappy and Erica Dixon are going viral after sharing footage from their recent helicopter ride.

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Scrappy & Erica Dixon Share Footage Of Their Recent Outing

On Sunday, April 14, Scrappy took to his Instagram Story to share footage from what appeared to be an airfield. In the initial clip, he showed multiple planes parked next to one another before showing a black helicopter.

In later clips, the rapper shared footage of his helicopter ride, which appeared to fly over Atlanta, Georgia.

Before concluding the posts on his Instagram Story, he also reported a video shared by Dixon. In the clip, Dixon showed another angle of the helicopter before sharing footage of her and Scrappy during their ride.

Check it out below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users reacted to the footage of the pair in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @sbbaby1 wrote, I think they are cute together. I’m happy that they are happy and I like his voice!!”

While Instagram user @visha1of1 added, Enjoy life, that’s what it’s all about! ♥️”

Instagram user @black_girlsam wrote, Is it still called “co parenting” when the child is grown? 🥴🤔”

While Instagram user @indeskribeabull added, All they do is lie to us 😂😂”

Instagram user @fam0usxmark wrote,Am I the only one happy that they back together?? 😅”

While Instagram user @vizzy_2013 added,THEY NEED A SHOW CALLED REWIND THAT RELATIONSHIP! 🥴”

Instagram user @buttapecanmami_31 wrote, They seem so much happier together .”

While Instagram user @duzzoduzzie added,Let them love each other peacefully”

Instagram user @angiee_angiee_royal wrote, I’m sick this two, dam yall either go together or not…”

A Brief Recap Regarding The Pair’s Speculated Romance

As The Shade Room previously reported, Dixon and Scrappy initially sparked reconciliation rumors in November 2023. At the time, the pair shared footage of them getting cozy at a nightclub.

Around the same time, the pair also shared footage of them at an Usher concert.

Since then, the pair have also shared footage from the dinner and spa outing at a Georgia resort and celebrated the New Year together. In February, Scrappy even confessed that he had always been in love with Dixon despite their pursuing other romantic relationships, per The Shade Room.

Later that month, the pair shared footage of their vacation to Aruba, per The Shade Room.

Most recently, Scrappy’s ex-wife, Bambi, has taken the rapper back to court. The fellow ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star is reportedly alleging that Scrappy’s “significant other” has been repeatedly posting their three kids on social media. This allegedly violates Bambi and Scrappy’s divorce terms, per The Shade Room.

However, in the court filing, Bambi reportedly did not state the name of Scrappy’s alleged partner.

In résponse, however, Scrappy did share a video that featured Dixon and all of the children he shares with both women.

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