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Season 10 Preview  – HollywoodLife 7
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It’s here! The first official trailer for season 10 of ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ dropped on Sept. 25, and the ladies of NJ bring the heat! Danielle Staub is back, Melissa talks about having more babies, and the women are feuding with Jennifer!

It’s go big or go home for the milestone 10th season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey! Teresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga, Dolores CataniaMargaret Josephs, Jackie Goldschneider, and Jennifer Aydin are all back for what Melissa exclusively describes to HollywoodLife as a “hilarious and drama-filled rollercoaster” of a season. Everyone’s favorite villain, Danielle Staub also returns as a “friend” once again this season. And, rumor has it that she and Teresa had a falling out. However, only Danielle’s blowout with Margret is seen in the preview!

The first official trailer, released on Sept. 25, opens with immediate drama. Margaret says she doesn’t trust anyone, as clips of her and Teresa yelling flash back and forth. “If you keep poking at a bear, eventually the bear is going to f–king eat you alive,” Teresa says, over what appears to be a scene of Teresa pulling Margaret’s hair.

As scenes of parties and trips quickly play, the trailer moves into Melissa and Teresa’s classic banter. “When your sister’s not being a bit-ch we get along!”, Melissa says to husband Joe Gorga. Speaking of Joe, a clip then shows him taking a poll between the husbands about if Dolores is “still banging” her ex-husband, Frank.

While Margaret certainly takes the cake for fight-filled scenes, it appears as though it’s Jennifer vs. the rest of the cast this season. Things get heated between the ladies and Jennifer when Melissa says “Jennifer is trying to cause problems.” The clip goes on to show Jennifer defending how she parents her kids to Margret, who says, “The only achievement you’ve ever had is marrying someone rich.” The trailer then moves to another scene that shows Jennifer throwing something at Melissa while the ladies are out to lunch, and the Envy owner yells, “Don’t you ever!” And, the best line had to come from Margret, who later refers to to Jennifer as a “walking yeast infection.”

Things only get more heated when Danielle appears onscreen during a conversation with Teresa. Danielle tells Tre that Margret is the reason she and Marty Caffrey got divorced. The trailer then flashes to a scene where Margret tells Marty that she’s not letting him go back to Danielle. “That bit-ch needs to be put on mute,” Danielle tells Teresa, before calling Margret a “home-wrecker.”

The trailer goes onto show a dramatic Jackie being heckled by her father about her past eating disorder, before Joe’s deportation becomes the subject of the last minute of the preview. “Joe’s deportation appeal denied,” headline is put on the screen as a phone call plays between him and Teresa. “I’m getting deported and that’s all there is to it,” he can be heard telling Teresa as she cries at their home.

Melissa is then seen saying, “He’s going to get shipped out of the damn country.” Then, scenes of Joe and Teresa’s kids show them crying over the news, as Gia, their eldest, says, “I don’t know if I’m ready to let him go.”

Another phone call between Joe and Teresa then plays as Teresa is prom dress shopping with Gia. “Alright, like I even wanted to married. No,” Joe says, to which Teresa looks at Gia and says, “See what I get.” But, Gia’s not having it. “This is your personal business with my father, so enough!”, Gia says.

Next, Margaret is seen telling Melissa that Teresa was “cocktail-ing it up all night with some guy” as a clip of her dancing with with a dark-haired male plays. Teresa then confronts Margaret about what she told Melissa, and says, “You said I was cheating! That’s f–ked up!” Melissa then adds, “Teresa is out of control, it’s embarrassing.” And, that’s when Teresa confronts Melissa while out at an event and throws a glass! — Cue the season 1 table-flipping nostalgia!) The rest of the trailer plays various scenes of the women fighting, as one housewife says, “Watch your back b–ch!

Fans of the show will know where things left off in the three-part season 9 reunion, which aired in March. Teresa addressed the state of her marriage to Joe Giudice, who remains in ICE custody in jeopardy of being deported to his native Italy. As of the date of the trailer’s release (Sept. 25), Joe still remains in ICE custody after being denied release while awaiting the final verdict in his deportation case. During the reunion, Teresa made it clear that she would not move herself and her kids to Italy to be with Joe, should he be deported. Tre also confirmed that a long distance relationship was out of the question.

While season 9 touched upon Teresa’s life as a single parent while Joe served his prison sentence for tax evasion, the last season focused more on Teresa building her life after she served her own prison sentence. However, during this coming season, it appears as though fans will find out much more about Joe’s legal situation, and how it all went down. The Real Housewives of New Jersey is set to premiere later this year.

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