Second Life Podcast: Chriselle Lim

Second Life Podcast: Chriselle Lim 7

It’s hard to imagine a world without digital creators, but there was a time when a few digital influencers were paving the way for the future of the industry. At the helm of the revolution of digital content creation was Chriselle Lim. Lim began blogging back in 2008, and just three years later, she launched her website and Youtube channel, The Chriselle Factor. Today, she has garnered over five million followers across her various platforms and channels, inspiring women worldwide through her unique perspective on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Lim also co-founded CINC Studios, a creative studio specializing in visual, digital, and social communication for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands.

In 2020, Lim made a major career shift into an industry no one was quite anticipating. She co-founded Bümo, a platform bringing licensed educational childcare to the workplace. Bümo, a platform that is operational both online and in-person, is dedicated to reimagining what the future of family and work looks like by providing parents with creative solutions to thrive in their career while also supporting their children’s development. Bümo is a modern company shifting the narrative for parents—especially as they begin to return to the workplace after the past year. Rapidly expanding, Bümo just opened its first location at the Westfield Century City shopping center and has raised a $3.5M seed round that includes support from Jessica Alba, Rebecca Minkoff, Alli Webb, Whitney Port, Coco Rocha, Vivian Chou, and more. Lim has evolved Bümo even further by launching the Being Bümo podcast, where she hosts honest and inspiring conversations for parents.

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