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See The Crazy, Pricey Presents – Hollywood Life 7
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GOOP is here to take the pain out of holiday shopping with their annual gift guide. Well, if you have a bursting bank account. From pricey purses, to a literal trip to outer space, there’s something for anyone with enough dough.

Stumped on what to get all your loved ones for the holidays and have $2.5 million lying around? Gwyneth Paltrow‘s got you covered. The annual GOOP Gift Guide dropped on November 15 — which should honestly be a national holiday in itself — and it’s full of pricey, outrageous products to suit your every need. Whether you think your hubby needs a $220 squatty potty, or grandma could really use a $250,000 trip to outer space, there’s something for everyone! As always, there are multiple gift guides organized by specific themes. We’ve got the most ridiculous picks from the guides we could find:

First up, is the Lovers Gift Guide. Along with sexy staples like lingerie and vibes that won’t exactly break the bank, there are a few items that’ll make you wonder if Gwyneth and Brad Falchuk actually have sex on a pile of money. Handcuffs? Sure, pretty normal. But what about $425 solid gold cuffs from Kiki de Montparnasse. A faux fur coat “…and nothing else,” as GOOP suggests? That’ll set you back $445. Over at the Men’s Gift Guide, the special guy in your life can be treated to a sweater, or a Kenya Photographic Safari with photographer Steve Winter. It just costs $7640, no big deal. Now, what says “Christmas morning” to your tween like a $1575 Chanel crossbody bag?

And who needs Paris or New York City when you can go to a “wellness retreat” in England? Your friend who loves to travel can go for $3115 a night. You’re so nice. And you may think that your sister has everything, but she does NOT have a trip to Marrakech, Morocco on 4/20. You can change that for $3750.

Now, on to the good stuff. GOOP acknowledges that this particular list is wild, as they named it The Ridiculous but Awesome Gift Guide. It’s a doozy. It includes a Custom Family Documentary Tome ($75,000), dehydrated caviar bar ($99), private jet ride from Bali to Luang Prabang ($69,888), BDSM restraint kit ($1350), custom plant music installation(??) ($25,000), meat smoker ($33,000), and an unpriced Gucci hat case. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it. They did throw us normals a bone by including a gift guide full of presents under $100, so if you’re not feeling an inescapable urge to take down the bourgeoise, enjoy!

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