Selena Gomez & Ariana Grande React To Taylor Swift Fighting With Scooter Braun

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Selena Gomez reacts to the Taylor Swift/Scooter Braun drama. Ariana Grande finds herself in the middle of it. Plus – Tay is apparently ghosting Scooter now.
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  1. Taylor is such a drama queen, she could've just reached out to scooter and solved this in private, damn she's almos 30 why is she so immature?

  2. The post was not fake, I myself saw it when I clicked on her profile. Stop trying to back track.

  3. I mean, Ariana grandes song “Jason’s song” is (I think) about scooter Braun. i mean… Jason’s song, scooter Braun, it even rhymes. In that song she talked about how hes disrespectful and shit. (This was back when she fired him I believe) she sang stuff like “you use me as a fragment of your grand design, but you don’t get to put me on your bottom line, you don’t get what’s mine”

  4. Hello!!!(sarcasm) how's it hard to believe that he WOULDNT bully anybody? He helps fund TERRORISM! And of course she's gonna ghost him and anybody who is associated with him last or present! I would too! I'm sure she and the other artists signed with that record label have a big problem with what the money they help bring in is involved in! Or they should have issues with it!

  5. he is hurt? fucking asshole is hurt?

    taylor lost her life’s work and this moron is hurt.

    you are hurt because your assholy-ness came back to bite you in the ass.

  6. Big Machine Records would be nothing if it wasn’t for Taylor and her incredible song writing abilities to put her mind in her future career so everyone should bowing down to her and thanking her fucking ridiculous situation I will love Taylor till the day I fucking die ❤️????????

  7. I love homophobic slurs and other Politically Incorrect stuff that OFFEND evil and disgusting LHBTQP SJWs/NPCs. I'm Sorry NOT Sorry.

  8. I hate all of this negativity from the people who supports unjustice ???? change people. Thats why the worlds getting worst.

  9. It seems to me like none of you people understand the difference between rape and consent

    Because you're saying what Billie lourd boyfriend did to her was okay even though she didn't give him consent

  10. Ariana DID react to the situation. Please do your research.

    Stay strong Taylor!

  11. She said in the post that they didn't even give her the chance to bought it .. With all her past albums success I knew how much it costs if she bought all of that back. Maybe she's doing something and then suddenly she'll receive a news that someone who bullied her bought her life work

  12. Honestly, Ariana should speak up or at least leave Scooter. I love her but she's just reminding me of edgy high school girls right now.

  13. I'm sick and tired of people trying to minimize women's pain or write them off as "overreacting" or "playing the victim" just to dismiss them. Not just Taylor, but women in general. ESPECIALLY African American women.


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