Shane Dawson Reacts To James Charles & Tati Drama

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Shane Dawson and extra respond to the James Charles drama and we know how they are feeling. #JamesCharles #ShaneDawson #Tati Kylie Jenner’s carried out it.
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  1. Who asked Shane? He isn't a drama channel and isn't close with either of them and likely knows less about what's going on than most of his fans.

  2. Probably gonna get hate for this but I'm honestly still following James Charles just cause Im waiting to unsub him literally the second he posts a new vid trying to bullshit us I can't wait

  3. yea yea all these fake people that swore they were his friends stabbed him in th back…we all make mistakes people!!! forgive him and allow him to make things right… or get the proper help.

  4. Oh my God y’all there’s literally people dying school shootings and you’re worried about is here’s my opinion it’s vitamins he’s literally a teenager the other people are like 30 years old and often some of them I like some of them I don’t I’m not gonna name them no drama no Tea 🍵 it’s literally just vitamins but here’s the thing when he says something racist or anything they don’t unfollowed him or do they ? 😒🤦🏻‍♀️. It’s some about about him turning on the street guys until gay guys that is a little weird but that’s his choice and let him be # no team I really don’t care I don’t even watch the other girl I have more but it would’ve been a really long comment so maybe later

  5. Ughhhh so fucking annoying how people treat people let’s get started☺️ first nobody has a right to say anything to james we all fuck up🤷🏽‍♂️ Shane didn’t you fuck your cat???? I’ll wait that funny😭😭😭 know you think you have the right to say something to him + what kind of friend are you not a good one you should have just kept you mouth 👄 closed and keep his side and tried to help fix the problems bc that what friends do right??

  6. I'm a loyal sister, and always have been. I believe tati maybe was jealous with how quick he has grown so, she looked for the first opportunity to put his name and career in jeopardy. He isn't a predator, because no one can "Trick" someone else into believing their gay or whatever sexuality is in question. With that I believe the whole reason this happened is because, James promotes another brands vitamins. I don't know how a sponsorship add or whatever you want to consider it is enough for tati to make a 43 minute video dragging a 19 year old. THAT is the tea. Sip it with caution, you don't know which is real and which is fake🍵

  7. OMG! James Charles is NOT a predator! A predator preys on people who are too vulnerable and can’t defend themselves or give consent. He was guilty of misconduct at best. The guys he pursued were adults and the same age as him and can defend themselves and leave an uncomfortable situation





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