Shaunie Henderson Shares “Trust” Made Her Love Pastor Keion

Shaunie Henderson Shares "Trust" Made Her Love Pastor Keion 7

Shaunie Henderson says she knew her new hubby, Pastor Keion, was the one because of the “trust” factor.

According to Atlanta Black Star, ‘The Basketball Wives’ executive producer admitted she’s experiencing feelings that she never has before.

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On her pastor husband’s YouTube series, ‘Not Your Typical Bible Study,’ she expressed how she knew he was the one God chose for her.

How Shaunie Knew Pastor Keion Was The One

Past Keion asked Shaunie, “How do I know when I meet somebody, ‘that’s my person?’… you know like when the Lord showed you.”

She responded that trust played a major role. In addition to being challenged, which is something she didn’t feel prior to their romance.

“I have an answer for that, ’cause I knew this question,” she said.

“So trust was one. I could trust you. You challenged me and I received the challenge, I wasn’t like rebelling the challenge. I didn’t combat the challenge, I take on the challenge. And that was something that I didn’t feel before…”

What Shaunie Loves About Her New Marriage

In addition, Mrs. Henderson added, she enjoyed how they both sought to understand each other’s love language. It was also an element that was missing in previous relationships.

Shaunie and Shaquille O’Neal were married for nine years. The retired NBA player admitted he was unfaithful. Their marriage ended for this reason.

“I would fight for this relationship. I wanted to understand how you recieved love and you wanted to understand how I received love that’s…that was brand new to me too, to acutally take the time to learn how somebody receives love isn’t just loving them,” she explained.

Furthermore, the former basketball wife appreciates that they are each other’s biggest fan and how they can just hang out and be content.

“I can just be with you and do nothing and that’s important because when you love somebody you gotta love being with them,” she added.

The Hendersons tied the knot in Anguilla in 2021. After she married, Shaunie sent her last name O’Neal to the left.

In her upcoming memoir, ‘UNDEFEATED: Changing the Rules and Winning on My Own Terms,’ she addressed her past. However, the reality star was careful not to slam her ex-husband, Shaq.

She told People, “I always had a fear of sharing too much and of telling my story that involved anybody else.”

“I didn’t want to disrespect someone else’s story, even if it was a part of mine, but as I get older and do more things in the entertainment industry, I found that people have a misconception of who I am,” she added.

Shaunie’s book will be released in May 2024.

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