Shawn Mendes Caught Kissing Camila Cabello Head By Fans During Dinner Date

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Shawn Mendes was reportedly caught cuddling with Camila Cabello #CamilaCabello #ShawnMendes #ArianaGrande Actions speak louder than words, such …
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  1. Well what just because shawn kissed camila cabelo its no big of a deal they become a couple then they get merryed and have kids so what 💍💍👫👬

  2. People seriously need to stop saying Shawn and Camila are a thing. Shawn obviously just leaned on her shoulder which contrary to popular belief is a NORMAL THING between friends. It can also be kinda harmful if someone wants to get with someone else but they’re in the midst of people trying to say they’re dating another person, so stop. I’m glad Shawn and Camila aren’t letting it get to them.

  3. Shawn Mendez is very private. Everyone should just respect their privacy and leave them alone. If they are dating that is like the worst way to start out a relationship with dozens of cameras in you face. If they aren’t chill.

  4. Why do people keep filming them and following them around? Boyfriend or friend why does that bother you? I know its interesting to hear and stuff but if they are a couple it should come out from their mouth before anyone else! If they are together they will tell us when they are ready. Stop it please stop. They are human too!

  5. Not to be rude but people need to know that famous people have boundary's and if they won't to talk about it there not going to and they don't have to





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