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Victoria Fuller and Johnny DePhillipo’s relationship didn’t make it far after his proposal on the Bachelor in Paradise finale. Just after their June 2022 engagement aired on the show’s Nov. 2022 finale, Victoria and Johnny appeared on the reunion show and confirmed they’d broken up. She also revealed that she is now dating fellow Bachelor Nation star, Greg Grippo, who was on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette.

Johnny came onstage first to discuss the breakup. “Me and Victoria are not engaged anymore,” he shared. “We broke up. I want to say I’m good but it really does break my heart that she’s not sitting here next to me as my fiancee right now. This is just uncomfortable. It’s not something that I wanted to talk about. In that time frame of stepping out of filming to one month of being engaged, I started to feel not good enough for her. Then we started arguing and rumors started surfacing. I really wanted to trust her, but I don’t know.”

johnny de phillipo victoria fuller
Johnny giving Victoria a rose at a past rose ceremony. (ABC)

Although Johnny didn’t mention Greg directly, he seemed to be referencing social media rumors that Greg and Victoria had been hanging out. Victoria then came onstage to share her side of the story. “When we got into the real world, there was a lot of concerns,” Victoria said. “We had a lot of ups and downs and I expressed to him that I wasn’t happy and I was not going to be engaged if I was not happy to be married. From the beginning I was very straight forward with him. Three weeks [after filming], this wasn’t working for me. I knew at that point we weren’t going to be engaged.”

Johnny said that the timeline was different in his mind. He knew they were having issues at that point, but thought they had agreed to work on things. Johnny accused Victoria of making up a “narrative” with her timeline to explain the rumors that claimed she cheated on him with Greg. “This is something you had constantly told me was not true, but it is true,” Johnny accused.

Victoria insisted that she never cheated on Johnny. She then had some shocking accusations of her own. “I totally empathize with you and it being hard to see me moving on, but what is the appropriate time to move on when you called me an [expletive] when we were supposed to be in a happy, loving relationship?” she asked. “Not only that, you said, ‘You don’t cook, you don’t clean, what do you provide in a relationship as a woman?’”

Johnny fired back, insisting, “We both know that’s not something I would say and it did not go down like that. It’s not what I said. We were joking around about cooking and cleaning and you say, ‘Just so you know, I’m never going to cook and clean,’ and I say, ‘Oh, what are you gonna do?’ Anyone who knows me knows I would not demean a person like that — or a woman, first of all.”

He then retracted back to Victoria and Greg’s relationship, referencing their recent trip to Italy, which blew up on social media after fans spotted them on the vacation. “You made this public,” Johnny said. “You decided to make everything that you told me wasn’t true come to light and now I’m up here addressing it. The last thing I want to do is drag you through the mud because we both know you said things you don’t want out there.”

victoria fuller johnny dephillipo
Victoria and Johnny at a rose ceremony. (ABC)

Victoria continued to reiterate that she never cheated on Johnny and claimed that he knew where she stood with him before she started dating Greg. Johnny wasn’t having it, though. “You say you’re heartbroken and I mean so much to you, but if I really did, I would have at least gotten an, ‘I’m sorry’ or just a, ‘So you know, there’s a lot about to come out and I’m in a full blown relationship with someone I told you I wasn’t with.” Meanwhile, Victoria accused Johnny of not taking accountability for his part in the breakup.

The conversation ended after that, and Jesse Palmer point-blank asked Victoria whether she was dating Greg. She said she was, but that she “absolutely” was “not” with Greg while she was engaged to Johnny. “I still consider you talking to someone else while we’re working on our issues to be cheating or emotional cheating,” Johnny said. “I wish you all the best in life and I think I need to step back now and rebuild myself.”

Johnny then left the stage, and Greg was brought onstage. He explained how things developed between him and Victoria. “We’ve been friends for a while,” Greg shared. “We met last year through mutual friends, stayed in touch. She ended up going to Paradise and getting engaged. Through the weeks after Paradise we ended up rekindling and trying it out.”

The two confirmed that they took the trip to Rome to try and avoid any fan encounters, which obviously didn’t work out. They also revealed the matching CIAO tattoos that they got overseas. “At the end of the day, no one has to understand it or get it and that’s okay,” Victoria concluded. “Everyone can hate us if they f***ing want. I don’t give two f***s because I got this f***er!”

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