Shoppers Call This Smart Reusable Notebook “Magic”: Get it for $19

Shoppers Call This Smart Reusable Notebook "Magic": Get it for $19 7

“I had this recommended by a friend that got his and loved it. Was a bit skeptical at first, but now that I have the app set up, this is the best notebook ever! You take a picture of the notebook page and the app will send it wherever you want (practically) and will also transform your written words into a text document! It isn’t perfect, but hey, what’s a few typos to correct vs rewriting everything? Would definitely recommend! Also, make sure to get spare pens!”

“I am notorious for writing down notes and inspiration for my writing projects on any surface I can find- but this results in a tornado of random post its, scraps of paper, scattered notebooks and even napkins, paper towels and receipts. This fits in my bag, and I don’t have to worry about running out of room, I just scribble to my heart’s content, upload to gdocs, (or to a folder for my fiancee in dropbox) and clean it up and start over! No more lost post its, pieces of paper towel getting wet or scraps falling out of order! Order is brought to the chaos of my writing!

“I love this Rocketbook! I have a lot of meetings to attend and I like to write my notes. Being able to instantly transfer them into my files has been a lifesaver! No more having to scavenge through a bunch of old notebooks—they’re all neatly filed away by date and subject matter. Well worth it!!”

“I was a little skeptical about purchasing this product, especially whether or not it would be useful. I was surprised at how useful it has really become. I attend quite a few meetings throughout the week and this is an amazing way to back up all of my notes to whatever online storage you may use. It will even back up to several different online storage at the same time. Really cool! Another concern was if the pages would wipe complete clean…they do. I highly recommend you give it a try.”

“This notebook is my lifesaver. I can keep all my class/lab/teaching notes in one place, upload them when I need to, and erase any old/outdated information. Before switching to rocketbook, I would have to shred old documents with potentially sensitive information, but now I can just wipe them away with a damp cloth. I can’t imagine going back to regular notebooks after using this! PLUS it is so light and takes up so little space, so I am saving space and wear/tear on my bag compared to shoving half a dozen notebooks in a backpack and lugging them around campus all day. I kind of want to buy more even though I have no need for more!”

“I saw this on Shark Tank & read reviews. I hoped the hype was real and this product lived up to the expectations. It’s easy to set up the file locations using the app, and pages wipe clean pretty easily. I’ve used glasses cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, water, and the Pilot Frixion erasers on the end of the pen to clean the pages. I’ve purchased different sizes since my initial purchase. Five stars. Highly recommend. No complaints.”

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