Showstopper! 8 Of Julia Fox’s Most Attention-Grabbing Lewks

Showstopper! 8 Of Julia Fox's Most Attention-Grabbing Lewks 7

Julia Fox has made a name for herself as a model and actress, and she’s also grown into quite the fashionista! From paparazzi run-ins to Instagram uploads and fashion shows, she’s constantly showing off intriguing outfits.

Here are just a few of Julia Fox’s attention-grabbing get-ups.

Life-Sized ‘Body Bag’ Purse

First up, we have Julia’s most recent fashion antic: donning a life-sized bag that resembles a human body. She debuted the purse at the end of New York Fashion Week.

The Fall 2022 Dress

Back in November 2022, as the leaves were changing in New York City, Julia Fox chronicled her journey to DIYing an outfit after being “inspired.”

After collecting leaves and covering them in resin, she and her friend hot-glued them together and fashioned them to chains in a “labor of love.”

However, she admitted that the get-up isn’t “really wearable.”

Denim 2-For-1

In another DIY moment, Julia showed off how she repurposed a pair of jeans to create a denim-down two-piece.

The Chokehold Vibe

In another look that some viewers found creepy, Julia donned a simple black gown that featured a hand gripping her neck.

Ms. Pretty Poodle

As Julia Fox towered above others in her sky-high heels, a fluffy poodle featured on the front of her pink, sparkly dress was certainly an attention-grabber.

Lady In Red

Another bold choice is the red ensemble she donned to the wrap party for The Trainer.

We should also note that the outfit was featured in an odd photo of Julia posing with a refrigerator.

Her Breezy Latex Moment

In an outfit that Page Six described as “barely-there,” Julia showed off her figure in a latex piece accompanied by some groovy cut-outs.

Saran Wrap Energy

Last but certainly not least, we have a translucent dress was accompanied by a cellophane-covered purse, along with matching shoes.

Notably, Julia shared that the her “saran-wrap-ified” bag and shoes were last-minute choices that were put together in the blink of an eye.

What do you think of Julia Fox’s sense of style, and are you excited to see what other looks she puts together?

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