[SPOILER] Wins First Redemption Round — Recap – Hollywood Life

[SPOILER] Wins First Redemption Round — Recap – Hollywood Life 7
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‘World Of Dance’ has it’s first Duel round and introduces the Redemption Round for two lucky acts! Read our recap!

After several rounds of Qualifiers, World Of Dance has kicked off the Duels, with the Upper Division acts taking the stage. Recall, the highest scoring act gets a place in The Cut and the lowest is eliminated. However, this season, there is a chance for redemption! In Redemption, the contestants will have a head to head dance-off to a preselected song, right on the spot. If successful, the individual or team will receive the final slot in The Cut round. “We felt we needed to have the opportunity to bring people back,” judge Jennifer Lopez said of the game-changing decision.

Tobias and the EZ Twins were the top score of the Upper Division and able to pick their match-up for the Duels. They chose to go against Italian tap duo D’Angelo Brothers, who were second from the bottom. When one of the brothers were rehearsing, he did a back flip and landed on his face, breaking his nose and thumb. Tobias and the EZ Twins were first, dancing to “Do Your Thing,” and taking their own stab at a tap-inspired routine. The trio incorporated several different styles into their routine, and Ne-Yo, specifically loved it. However, J.Lo was concerned that the guys were trying to “burn” the D’Angelo Brothers, but they didn’t have the level of difficulty the brothers will, because they’re actually in tap shoes.

The D’Angelo Brothers, dressed in all white, and one with a brace on, showed their tap expertise while rocking shoes. “They gave me goosies with the tapping!” Jennifer announced during the performance. The judges loved it, including Ne-Yo, which says a lot! The D’Angelo Brothers received an average of 89.7 from the judges, and Tobias and the EZ Twins received an 87.3, with a low scoring 83 from J.Lo. The tap duo are going to The Cut!

Contemporary duo Denise and Josh chose to go against salsa pair Jonathan Y Jorge, and it’s going to be fierce! In bright pink tops, Jonathan Y Jorge performed several lifts together and stepped up their salsa as J.Lo recommended. Spicy! The judges loved the routine, and J.Lo was super impressed about how much they cleaned up the performance from a week ago. Denise and Josh, who the judges loved, but wanted some more emotion from Denise, were took the stage to duel. A very different style from their competitors, Denise and Josh delivered an emotional performance, that in my opinion, was lacking the umph we saw from them last time and Derek agreed. “I’m not sure if the dancing was duel worthy,” Derek Hough said. “You were all the way up in it, and you strong woman!” J.Lo complimented, disagreeing with Derek. Jonathan Y Jorge received a 90.7 from the judges, and Denise and Josh got a 90.0, sending Jonathan Y Jorge to the Cut. Denise and Josh will hopefully have a shot at the Redemption Round!

It’s a battle of champions! World of Dance Thailand champions DD Flection are going up against popping icon Popping John. DD Flection started it off with a contemporary routine filled with unique jumps and lifts that thoroughly seemed to impress the judges. “I think Poppin John has his work cut out of him here!” J.Lo said. “I didn’t connect to it as emotionally as I would’ve liked to,” Derek admitted. Poppin’ John’s routine was filled with burns as he promised, and his slow-mo choreography was one of the coolest things we’ve seen on this stage this season! “It’s sickening!” J.Lo said during the routine. SO good! DD Flection received an 89 — tough score — and Poppin’ John dominated with a 91.3!

Derek Piquette chose Derion and Madison to duel again. Recall, Derek will be getting double hip replacements following his stint on World of Dance. Derion and Madison are preparing to do a difficult lift that they have yet to land. Ugh, this is going to be close! First up, Derion and Madison started in a lift with Madison on Derion’s shoulders. The full routine was visuals created with their bodies and showed off their intense athletic abilities. “It was beautiful but ugly at the same time,” Ne-Yo complimented the duo. Derek went next dancing to “You Found Me,” and showing he was a strong competitor. With his emotional choreography and high jumps, he was perfect! Ne-Yo compared Derek to Michael Dameski, which Derek Hough didn’t love, but he also added that the emotional part wasn’t there for him tonight. “I’d hate to loose any of you!” J.Lo said. Derion and Madison received a 90 from the judges, and Derek got an 89.3. “Stay in fight mode right now,” J.Lo told Derek, who we will hopefully see in the Redemption Round. Derion and Madison are headed to The Cut!

South Korean duo All Ready and epileptic soloist Briar Nolet were paired by default as they were the last remaining acts! All Ready went first in their floral looks #allready to take on the competition. Whoa, these ladies came out stronger than last time with their epic choreo to “Who Let The Dogs Out.” The judges absolutely loved it, but it also looks like Briar is about the bring the house down! The dancer brought in her acrobatic talents as well as major emotion into the number. “That was so athletic, it felt like an Olympic floor routine,” Derek complimented. Briar revealed that her hand tremors were what brought on her seizures, and her dance was conquering it. All Ready received a 92.3 from the judges, and Briar received a 90.3, with a high 94 from Derek and a low 87 from Ne-Yo. This sadly meant that Derek Piquette was knocked out of the Redemption Round by Briar.

Now, it’s time for the first ever Redemption Round with Briar going up against Denise and Josh! No one is going out without a fight, and Briar, in particular, has her game face on. Denise and Josh were first up, dancing a new, fierce routine. Briar then showed off her sultry talents, to the same song, flying high and showing Ne-Yo that she can ABSOLUTELY duel. In the end, the judges chose Briar Nolet to go to The Cut! J.Lo burst into tears speaking to Briar after her win, calling her “survivor.”

World Of Dance is on next Sunday, March 24 at 8 PM ET, for more Duels, and another heart-racing Redemption round!

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