T-Shirt Dresses Are Trending—Here’s How to Style Them

T-Shirt Dresses Are Trending—Here's How to Style Them 7
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Comfort is the name of the game during the hottest months of the summer. How long has it been since you put on your old favorite rigid jeans? Thought so. In place of all my go-to heavy-fabric outfits, I’ve been cycling through my entire collection of dresses for the hottest days. But clearly Amazon shoppers are zeroing in on one comfy item in particular right now: the T-shirt dress. When I checked Amazon’s constantly updated best-seller section, Daily Ritual’s Jersey Ballet-Back T-Shirt Dress ($17) took the number one spot in the clothing category, proving that there’s a massive demand for T-shirt dresses right now. 

I definitely am a creature of habit, so it’s hard for me to part ways with my trusty college T-shirt and worn-in sweatpants. However, the T-shirt dress trend is absolutely one I can get on board with. Listen: There’s no shame in investing in a trend that you can literally wear all day long, including to bed. Now that’s getting bang for your buck. Scroll down to shop Amazon’s best seller as well as other T-shirt dresses. 

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