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Multiple love triangles have formed on ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ and it leaves many of the remaining women worried about their fate on the show ahead of rose ceremony number three.

The Aug. 26 episode of Bachelor in Paradise picks up after Derek Peth doing his best to get over his breakup from Demi Burnett, whose girlfriend, Kristian Haggerty, arrived on the beach last week. Tayshia Adams is admittedly interested in Derek, and hoping to see if something can happen between them. Meanwhile, John Paul Jones is infatuated with Tayshia, but she’s not certain about whether or not she sees a future with him. She urges him to explore connections with other women if anyone else arrives in Paradise and expresses an interest in him. Enter: Tahzjuan Hawkins from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor.

JPJ immediately catches Tahzjuan’s attention, and she asks him out on a date. Even though he’s still interested in Tayshia, he accepts, per her request that he see what else is out there. Things start out well, but get a little awkward when John starts eating food on the date and almost gets sick! Still, they’re able to laugh a lot on the date and they have a good time. Their goofy personalities mesh well, and they end the night by stripping down to jump in the water, where they share a kiss.

Meanwhile, things are going great with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert. However, it’s no secret that he has a player reputation, and Demi urges Caelynn to be careful. Demi and Wells Adams tell Caelynn to make sure she talks with Dean about what he wants out of this so she doesn’t get hurt. She takes their advice and pulls Dean aside the next day.

Dean admits that he is having a great time with Caelynn and wants to be with her in Paradise, but isn’t sure that he’ll be ready to settle down by the end of the show. “I don’t want a normal life,” he explains. “I don’t want to go to dinner parties on Saturday night and talk about our feelings and emotions. That stuff doesn’t really appeal to me.” Caelynn is obviously hurt to hear that Dean doesn’t seem to want to continue their relationship after the show. “I feel stupid for giving him the benefit of the doubt,” she explains. “My mistake is thinking that everyone comes here with the intention of wanting a relationship, but he just wants to have fun. I don’t get why he came here.” They end the conversation with no real closure.

Later that day, Haley Ferguson arrives back in Paradise for her THIRD time on the show, and she’s interested in John Paul Jones. He accepts her invitation to go on a date, and, naturally, Tahzjuan is not happy. She gets emotional and starts to freak out over the heat in Mexico. Doctors even come in to take a look at her and make sure she’s okay. Tahzjuan has a bit of a breakdown after seeing how many other couples are enjoying their time together, while she has no one.

Meanwhile, JPJ and Haley enjoy a romantic horseback riding date on the beach. Then, things get steamy as JPJ lathers Haley in sunscreen and they makeout in the ocean. When they return, things are super awkward as Tahzjuan asks JPJ for details about the date right in front of Haley. Then, Tahzjuan takes a low blow by calling Haley a pigeon (WHAT?!) and Haley steps away so Tahzjuan and JPJ can talk things out. He tries to reassure her that he’s still figuring things out, but things are a bit all over the place.

Tayshia decides that she doesn’t want to be involved in the John Paul Jones drama, so she pulls Derek aside to see if she may have a connection with him. However, Derek isn’t even certain if he’s ready to move on at all after everything he went through with Demi.

At the cocktail party, Caitlin Clemmens pulls Blake Horstmann aside for some alone time to follow their date last week. He assures her that he’s going to give her his rose, but Blake’s ex, Kristina Schulman, is also worried about who her rose will come from. She interrupts Caitlin and Blake so she can talk to Blake herself. Kristina urges Blake not to lead Caitlin on if he’s not fully invested in her. She also tells Blake that she wants his rose as a friendship rose so they can both stick around and see if anyone else arrives who they’re interested in. Blake warns Caitlin that he’s no longer positive what he wants to do with his rose because he doesn’t want to lead her on if her feelings are stronger than his. Naturally, she’s worried, as the rose ceremony approaches.

John Paul Jones is struggling with deciding to give his rose to, as he’s admittedly had a good time with both Tahzjuan and Haley, but also still has feelings for Tayshia. Tayshia still has her eye on Derek, though, and he lets her know that he’s ready to move past being friends and see if there’s something more there. They seal the deal with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Dean seems to be ready to get more serious about Caelynn, and she feels more confident in their relationship after he puts together a special surprise for her birthday. As for Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski — things are on the rocks after she told him she’d be okay with him going on other dates, so he went out with Jen Saviano. Katie is extremely worried about what Chris will do with his rose. She assures Chris that she’s fully invested in him, but he’s admittedly “not 100 percent sure” about where they stand.

Finally, it’s time for the rose ceremony. Chris Harrison explains that things are changing up a bit — even though the guys are giving out the roses this week, Demi gets to give out a rose first, so she and Kristian can continue exploring their relationship. Dylan Barbour unsurprisingly gives his rose to Hannah Godwin, while Mike Johnson gives his to Sydney Lotuaco and Clay Harbor gives his to Nicole Lopez-Alvar. Caelynn winds up getting Dean’s rose, and Blake shockingly decides to give his to Kristina. Derek hands his rose over to Tayshia, which is upsetting for John Paul Jones. JPJ has his own rose to give, though, and he chooses Haley over Tahzjuan. Finally, Chris gives out the final rose, and decides to continue pursuing his relationship with Katie, which means Caitlin, Jen and Tahzjuan are heading home.

After giving Caelynn his rose, Dean pulls her aside because he’s still unsure about whether or not he’s ready to be in a committed relationship, which is what she wants. Unfortunately, we won’t see how that plays out until tomorrow’s episode!

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