Talks ‘Masked Singer’ & Music Being ‘Therapy’ – Hollywood Life

Talks ‘Masked Singer’ & Music Being ‘Therapy’ – Hollywood Life 7

Jordyn Woods was revealed as the Kangaroo on ‘The Masked Singer’ and opened our eyes to a whole new side of her. She spoke with HL about her ‘Masked Singer’ journey, how music has been ‘therapy’ for her, and more.

Jordyn Woods, 22, was the latest celebrity to be unmasked on The Masked Singer. After weeks of cryptic clues, Jordyn was revealed underneath the Kangaroo costume during the April 8 episode. Her time on The Masked Singer showed the world that Jordyn is a talented singer even though she had never sung in front of an audience before. “Not ever singing in front of anyone ever, I felt a lot of pressure,” Jordyn told HollywoodLife. “Not only am I covering amazing artists that I’m a fan of, but I wanted to make sure to make them proud as well as make the people back home proud even though they don’t even know it’s me. But eventually, I knew that the world was going to find out that it was me whether it was two episodes in, five episodes, or the top 8. It was scary, but it was so rewarding. I worked really hard on those days and nights. I lost sleep worrying about the next performance, but I wish I could do it all over again. It was so much fun.”

Music is not new to Jordyn, but she only recently dived deeper into her passion for it. “I’ve always done music kind of privately. I’ve never taken it seriously,” Jordyn said. “But growing up there was always music playing in the house. I always love to sing around my house. My dad was always like, ‘You should sing.’ I never took it seriously until last year. I was spending some time in my house and going through a lot and I got a keyboard. My mom went to the guitar center and got me a keyboard. I started teaching myself how to play the piano and started writing. It was a form of therapy for me. It’s something to put my feelings into. Whether it’s writing or working out, those are the two biggest things to me when it comes to mental health. Music has been an outlet.”

Jordyn was very open on The Masked Singer about how tough the last year has been for her. Just over a year ago, news broke that Jordyn had kissed Khloe Kardashian’s ex Tristan Thompson. Once the news was out, Jordyn moved out of then-best friend Kylie Jenner’s house and their longtime friendship fell apart. In the clue packages, Jordyn said she “found [herself] in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons” and vowed to “bounce back.” She said she was going to “fight for [her] family and show them that bullies never win.” HollywoodLife asked Jordyn why it was important for her to be so open about a difficult time in her life.

“I think that’s part of the journey. You can’t let what people say about you define you,” Jordyn continued. “As long as you learn and grow from everything that happens to you, it’s all good. I think that’s just part of my journey and it just made me stronger and built me even more courage to come to the show and be on the show and to have fun with it and take opportunities because you just never know.”

The Masked Singer is just the beginning of Jordyn’s musical journey. She’s ready to get to the recording studio as soon as she can. “I feel like if you can sing in a kangaroo costume, you can sing in any condition,” Jordyn told HollywoodLife. “So I for sure would love to do it again. I’ve been writing music and once this quarantine is lifted, we can get to the studio and really record the music that I’m excited for you guys to hear. This is something that’s a passion for me and something that’s fun for me. I didn’t go into it with the intention of I’m going to be a singer now or I’m going to go on a world tour. This is just something that is a whole other side of me that I wanted people to get to see.”

Jordyn said she will release music in the future because “now the world knows” she can sing. “If I never went on the show, then I probably would have never even thought to actually do anything with my music,” Jordyn continued. “But now, the show gave me the perfect platform to let people know that I can do something without any preconceived notions and without any judgment. People might not like me, but they might like the way I sing. Now they may be a fan or they may actually listen despite what they thought of me before.”

During all of her performances on The Masked Singer, Jordyn was covered from head-to-toe in an elaborate kangaroo costume. Jordyn discussed what it was like stepping into the intense costume. “I remember the first time going to my first fitting and seeing the costume up close and personal. I was thinking this is really insane, like Chucky Cheese on crack,” Jordyn said. “Trying it on for the first time I got nervous because when they snapped my hoodie into my head, I was like, ‘Okay, I hope I can get through this claustrophobic feeling.’ After you are in it for a while, you get used to it. It becomes a comfort zone, but it is hot. It’s heavy. I felt like I looked like a hot dog when I had everything on except for the head. I was wearing this red bodysuit and felt like a hot dog superhero.” All in all, Jordyn called The Masked Singer “the best training” she could have asked for and the “experience of a lifetime.” The Masked Singer season 3 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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