Tana Mongeau Shades Alissa Violet & Logan Paul Hook Up Following Faze Banks Split

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Tana Mongeau slams Alissa Violet. Tfue reacts to Faze Banks and Alissa breaking up. Plus – What’s going on with Ray Diaz? #TanaMongeau #AlissaViolet …
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  1. Tana and her mans are clearly Polly, Alissa fucked her boyfriends brother, people are backwards when they “stan” someone too hard (I didn’t use “Paul” names to put it in a different perspective for people)

  2. But why isn't anyone talking about what she said at 2:18 like right after that she says something bout how's my pussy taste tho… Why banks just admitted they slept together? I feel like that's a bigger dig then the brother shit

  3. Shanann Watts's husband said he had nothing to do with his wife's appearance and cops cleared him for a short period of time…. Ray Diaz isn't JUST a child molester he's also a woman beater and I have no doubt that he could hurt/kill a woman because he's an actual psychopath. In every video that's come out he's always screaming about how people don't want him and don't want him happy he's a fucking loser and if he hasn't cracked already he's going too and someone is going to get hurt even more than they already have.🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. That story about the missing girl…her and her mom needs to be charged for filing a FAKE missing person's claim…the police have no time to WASTE investigating/looking for someone who is not really missing, while there are real missing people out there. That shit cost MONEY. They need to be charged and FINED for whatever it cost the police department to allocate resources to investigate that situation. The police went to that man's house…questioned him…searched his house…for what? Because some crazy chick and her crazy mom wants to know what is going on in his personal life? Are you kidding me? White people get away with all kinds of crazy shit…but…let that had been Jussie Smollet…they'd wanna give him 40 years in prison!

  5. People are complaining in the comments because Logan's in the thumbnail? But the one I see has tana and alyssa, no logan… I'm guessing after they got called out for it, they changed it? This channel is garbage and won't ever get better.

  6. Poor Tana she obviously doesn’t have a “glue” or clue how “rumors has it” that Jake Paul will bring home another girl in front of the girl he’s supposedly shipped up with, well her “persona” is “IDGAS” so maybe she’s perfect for him! 🍜☕️❤️

  7. Guys stop hating on Tana. It's just a song. Parody to its every day bro. Alisa did a parody too. Like stfu and live your own life. Tana is herself . Ya she act like a hoe. And ya she throws shade on Jake's ex's . But it's just for fun. Basically stop hating on her.

  8. I stopped liking Alyssa recently, she seems shady to me now. Also, Jake & Tana are thriving why bash another woman Tana. Just be happy with your life, that's the way to live your life!





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