Tay Hasselhoff Talks Real Estate Career – Hollywood Life

Tay Hasselhoff Talks Real Estate Career – Hollywood Life 7
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Tay Hasselhoff spoke to HL about her new show, ‘Listing Impossible,’ & why she didn’t want to use her family’s connections to help her career.

Tay Hasselhoff has ventured away from her Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills days and into a career in which she is absolutely thriving: real estate. The 29-year-old works on superstar L.A. real estate agent Aaron Kirman‘s team to sell some of the Los Angeles area’s extravagant, multi-million dollar properties that have been sitting on the market. Now, Aaron and his team are starring in the new CNBC show Listing Impossible, and most recently, fans saw the real estate mogul and Tay have a deep convo about why she wasn’t taking advantage of her dad, David Hasselhoff‘s industry connections. “I’ve made such incredible connections with people, myself, by always being kind and always getting to know everybody on every set that I’ve been on. I want to get to know everyone in the room, and that’s what I pride myself in… and that really stuck with a lot of people, so I had an influx of people that came to my door, just based off the connections that I made from the role that I acted with them over the year, and that was so meaningful to me,” Tay explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.

“There are certain areas that I wanted to just be Tay, not only going to [my dad’s] network. And I think that was where Aaron was saying, ‘No, go after the big buck. Go after people with a lot of money, because we do luxury real estate and we are the number one team in all of Southern California, the number five in the nation that does luxury real estate. So those are the people that you got to go… Shoot for higher because that’s what you’re capable of.’ And I think that stuck with me and really made an impact on how I conducted my career from that point,” she continued.

Tay added that she first was inspired to get into real estate when helping her mom lease a home in the Hollywood Hills a few years ago. “After helping her, I interned for about two years and it felt like this incredible path. I fell so in love with helping people and helping people get to that new chapter in their life, whether they’re selling or buying,” she explained. Now, the former actress has worked for Aaron for almost 3 years, and said his energy was was sold her. “The first thing he said to me was ‘I love your energy, you walk in like you own the place, you’re so charming, you have to be on my team.’ And I was done. He sold me there. I jumped in.”

Tune in to CNBC’s Listing Impossible tonight, Wednesday Feb. 26, at 10 PM ET!

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