Taylor Swift Confirms Justin Bieber Cheated On Selena Gomez After Scooter Braun Diss?

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Taylor Swift calls out Scooter Braun for being a ‘bully’ after acquiring her music. Plus – celebrates like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and even …
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  1. Suzanne Smith.. Why do you hate Selena so much? I notice your several comments on you tube, you always give rude, cruel, evil opinions about Selena, why????

  2. It must be hard for Hailey because it’s 2019 and she’s married to Justin and yet we still talk about Justin and Selena. But then again, it’s her “gentleman” husband so I don’t feel sad for her anymore:D

  3. There should be a law where if you sign before 18 you must have the option to renegotiate or leave at 19.

  4. The celebs siding with Scooter on the grounds that he was nice to them is laugh worthy because someone can be nice to some people while horrible to somebody else, you won't know someone else's story unless you've been there in their place.

  5. I just dont like Justin, I hate him he's not a good man.. Its good Selena leave him, Selena is a good girl.. Justin doesnt deserved her at all.. Now married with ugly Hailey haha

  6. Team Taylor ALWAYS AND FOREVER….!!!!!!!!! WE GOT YOUR BACK TAY TAY…. ????????????????????????

  7. Lol no ONE surprised that Justin cheated on Selena . Their couple was the worst, the fakest and the most toxic in whole Hollywood lol . I’m glad Justin finally find his real true love Hailey

  8. Taylor was hired by a musician accquaintence friend in music who was famous at the time (I am a huge fan of that person) & did a great acting job telling me she was an addict (and I know she isn't). I saw the arms .. they were completely clear; telling me she was a heroin addict) LMAO! She had her makeup on and looked very pretty. She did seem a little shorter but she was clowning on me saying she was an addict & this happened after I had just got out of a local hospital from a seizure. If it wasn't her, it was an exact look a like. It was my first few months in recovery. Also the same month I had a Soap star sell me my new car. Too bad she didn't pay for it. ???????????????????????? I was getting clowned a lot and I also believe my brother who went missing and is still missing to this day had something to do with it. Who knows, maybe he hit a huge lotto or something like that & hired them?? I've never found my brother since. He wasn't ready to get clean & sober & I had to move on. Life is finally back to boring but about 4-5 years ago I had some Sounds crazy right? Oh believe me it was….very!! If it all hadn't been so real I would not have believed it either. I had just happen to spot the musician I know get in his car. I think we had a crush on each other although we both were involved with others … TODAY, I celebrate 4 years clean/sober & I've always wanted to share that. Always wondered if that really was Taylor Swift trying ???? a joke on us but never understood it all the way. It was the weirdest thing. I know she don't live in Seattle but she may have been touring here then.?? Anyways.. I don't know enough about all these glams but I'm sure they all mean or meant well. Just would love to have a face to face discussion with my anonymous music friend again one day soon. Happy 4 years to me! Also happy birthday ???? Eminem, 11 years.

  9. I never liked justin Bieber…. neither him nor his music????.
    He is just a man with too over confidence ,a racist ,a man with ego and his attitude and manners are just as shit as him …
    Idk how selena loved this man???? he is just a disgusting moron. Overall a ****ing cheater

  10. They both cheated on each other which was confirmed years ago by bieber many times.
    Taylor is the biggest poser ever! She acts like she’s the sweetest person ever when she’s really a huge see ya next Tuesday. People would respect her more if she just owned up to being a bitch

  11. I dont know who i believe anymore! Taylor being a drama queen, Jb being an asshole, scooter a credit grabber! I dont know, maybe media play! And selena's name drag again! Move on people! ????

  12. Why she is dragging the same Justin Selena story again? It has nothing to do with her current problem! Also it has been so long they broke up …and now he is a married man who is living happily with his wife! Why she isn't leaving him alone ….dragging the past again and again is not maturity !! Everyone should move on from their past but she is living with her past and forcing everyone to do so. And everyone knows that she isn't a saint ! She also have done too many mistakes in her life. She also bullied him when he was depressed and suicidal …and still saying shit about him but he never said a bad word against her. He is being too good with her .

  13. Is there really any other side besides Taylor's? This man stole her music and now she owns nothing from the last 12 years of her career. If he was a decent person he would just give it to her instead of holding on to it so he makes money any time anyone plays a TS song that's not off of Lover. He's a selfish pig who only bought the company to make money and steal from one of the biggest artists in the world!

  14. Someone put a bullet between her eyes please. Every single time her names mentioned drama follows.


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