Taylor Swift Fans Think ‘Lover’ Tour Starts In 6 Mos. After Interview – Hollywood Life

Taylor Swift Fans Think ‘Lover’ Tour Starts In 6 Mos. After Interview – Hollywood Life 7
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Taylor Swift hasn’t mentioned anything about the ‘Lover’ tour yet, but fans think they know when it’ll start after she said something about planning shows in her CBS interview.

Taylor Swift‘s seventh studio album, Lover, was unleashed unto the world on Friday, Aug. 23, but there has still been no word on when – or if – the tour for the album will be. But after the singer, 29, appeared on CBS Sunday Morning to discuss the LP and her plans going forward, fans believe they’ve cracked the code for when they’ll finally be able to see their idol perform her new tracks in concert.

“That puts me into what I call a ‘panic spiral.’” Taylor said about not being able to plan things too far in advance during the Aug. 25 interview. When asked how far ahead she looks, she said, “Six months? Just because I have to plan shows and stuff. But, I don’t know what I’ll do after this album and I think that’s great. I tell myself it’s ungrateful to just assume that you have 20 years. Be stoked that you have today.”

While this quote seems innocuous enough, Taylor is the queen of Easter eggs and has practically trained her fans to listen closely to whatever she says publicly for hints about her work. Since the album has already dropped, Swifties have switched focus to when the tour will happen, and they’ve latched onto Taylor’s timeline of six months – especially since she mentioned needing to plan shows.

“So how far ahead do you look? Taylor: 6 months? Just cause I have to plan shows and stuff […] What I heard: Lover tour starts in 6 months. confirmed!” user @OldManSwiftie tweeted. “In the CBS interview, Taylor said it freaks her out to think too far ahead into the future but she said she usually plans 6 months ahead, just because she has to “plan shows”….is this some sort of hint 6 months from now……..” @LauraTheSwiftie wrote.

It’s August, so if this theory is true, the tour would begin in February 2020. One Swiftie pointed out that considering how this album is all about love, it makes sense to kick off the tour right around Valentine’s Day. “#Lover the Tour is expected to begin on February of 2020 according to most Swifties… this is because FEBRUARY IS THE MONTH OF ‘LOVE’… obviously,” @TaylorLoverTour commented. Makes sense to us! Now if only Taylor will confirm the tour dates and let us all buy tickets already…

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