Taylor Swift Looks Like Scott Disick In ‘The Man’ Music Video — Pics – Hollywood Life

Taylor Swift Looks Like Scott Disick In ‘The Man’ Music Video — Pics – Hollywood Life 7
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Taylor Swift… or Scott Disick? Some of Taylor’s fans thinks she looks identical to Lord Disick in her new ‘The Man’ music video. We’re definitely convinced after seeing the side-by-side!

Nobody could have imagined that the handsome guy in Taylor Swift‘s “The Man” music video was Taylor herself, but fans did notice that he looked an awful lot like another celebrity: Scott Disick! Some Swifties couldn’t get over how much Taylor, dressed up as a bearded dude with pretty amazing hair, was the spitting image of the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. It wasn’t just the facial features, either. Taylor’s style — silk shirts, loafers, gold jewelry, dark shades — echoed the way Scott used to dress in the early days of the reality show. Seeing Taylor party on a yacht with dozens of hot women wearing identical bikinis gave off major Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami vibes. Like, peak Lord Disick.

Fans immediately flooded Twitter with their Scott comparisons almost immediately after the music video dropped on February 27. “anybody else think Scott Disick was the main inspiration for the man,” one fan tweeted after watching Taylor live it up as a businessman and bachelor, throwing money and living it up. “I LOVE the new Taylor Swift video for The Man, but I also cannot stop thinking it’s Scott Disick,” another fan wrote on Twitter. “I wasn’t sure if Taylor was actually The Man in the video, but I’m glad the end explained. I felt like it was more Scott Disick.” Some fans actually had a separate theory — that “The Man” looked kind of like Jake Gyllenhaal, or even Jason Ritter, too. Fun fact: despite these three options, Taylor’s character’s few speaking lines were voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Taylor’s video is absolutely not a criticism of Scott at all, but a critique on the double standards women are subjected to in society as a whole. If Taylor, or any woman behaved the way the guy she plays in the music video did, they couldn’t get away with it. They’d get slammed left and right. But, because this dude is powerful and handsome, the world is his oyster.

Taylor Swift Scott Disick
Some fans are convinced that Taylor Swift (L) looks identical to KUWTK star Scott Disick (R) in her “The Man” music video. (Vevo/Taylor Swift/Shutterstock)

Taylor’s awesome new music video also features a cameo from TikTok star Loren Gray. Loren plays a character who’s literally an extra in the music video. Taylor, as the director, tells her she’s doing a great job after standing there with no lines, while telling The Man that he needs to “act sexier” and “maybe more likable.”

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