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After a successful first date, Teddi Wright accepted Andrew Spencer’s rose at the first rose ceremony on the Oct. 4 episode of Bachelor in Paradise. They were widely regarded as one of the stronger couples, but as week two progressed, Teddi found herself questioning how strong their connection was. Then, Rodney Mathews arrived, who Teddi was interested in. She was left in tears as she agonized over what to do.

“I am excited to see Rodney and that does make me confused as to what that means for how I feel about Andrew,” she admitted. “Rodney is coming at an interesting time for me because I do feel like here might be something missing with Andrew. So, yeah, I think i’ve been struggling the past few days. I just feel so bad because I think he’s so amazing.”

teddi wright
Teddi arriving on ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ (ABC)

Rodney’s arrival made Teddi realize that she wasn’t being as affectionate with Andrew as she normally would be in a relationship. She pulled Andrew aside to let him know how she was feeling. “I’ve been struggling as to why I’m not being as affectionate,” she explained. “I want to give that in a relationship and you deserve that in a relationship. I don’t know why I’m not doing that. I think you’re so amazing and every single quality you have is what i want in a partner. I’m attracted to you and I enjoy kissing you…but I want to be all over you. I know you want that. But I’ve been struggling to do that and I don’t know if it’s the environment or something is missing. I just feel like it’s not fair to you.”

Teddi and Andrew both admitted that they only came to Paradise to meet each other, which is why this was so hard for her. It also led her to question whether or not Paradise was the right place for her in general. “A part of me thinks, like, if it couldn’t work between us, I don’t know if it will here for me.”

Andrew was upset, but he also was understanding. “I feel like you’re going to make me better and I feel like you’re just the right person that I’m looking for,” he shared. “I still get a little heart flutter when i see you. But at the same time, I don’t want to force it.” He also added, “We gave it our shot. I’m not mad at that. I wouldn’t take back any of the time we had.”

teddi wrigh
Teddi Wright on ‘BIP.’ (ABC)

They parted ways and Teddi was crying as she walked away from the conversation. Jill Chin rushed over to comfort her, and Teddi explained what was going on. “I feel like there’s something missing but I don’t know what it is,” she said. “Andrew’s so amazing. He is Paradise to me. I wasn’t going to come bu I wanted to meet him and for some reason it’s not working together. There was so much anticipation to meet each other. There was a lot of build up. If it can’t work with him I don’t feel like it will be able to work [at all].”

In a confessional, Teddi said that she was ready to leave. “I don’t think it’s going to happen here now,” she cried. “I want to go home and move on and find that person [for me]. I feel so bad. I just want to go now.” Teddi left without saying goodbye to anyone, which was very confusing to the cast, especially her close friends, like Serene Russell. However, she was certain that her Paradise journey was over, and she wanted to just move on without making a big production about it. Now, we’ll have to see how Andrew fares without her.

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