Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer Slams Co-Stars After Kailyn Reunion Drama – Hollywood Life

Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer Slams Co-Stars After Kailyn Reunion Drama – Hollywood Life 7

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A seven minute clip from the Teen Mom 2 reunion was released, and the drama is already hot! In the video shared by MTV, host Dr. Drew asks Leah Messer about Kailyn Lowry not showing up for the reunion in person. After the reality star said she had “no idea,” Jade Cline says facetiously, “You have no idea?” She then turns to Briana DeJesus, a notable enemy of Kail’s, smiled cunningly, and jokes, “We have an idea.”

“She’ll never sit next to me on a couch — never,” Briana responds after cackling at the sentiment.

Leah, who seemed to want to stay out of the drama, then said, “I really haven’t been talking to her as much.”

“You guys used to be pretty close,” Dr. Drew stated. “We were pretty close,” Leah responded, with a somewhat solemn tone.

“Something happen?” Dr. Drew asked, to which Leah intimated that her going to the Teen Mom: Family Reunion may have caused Kail to get upset. She also referenced a “self growth post,” which was about her liking a past post of Briana’s — something that angered Kail for obvious reasons.

Leah then took to social media after seeing the clip, wanting to clarify what she was feeling at the time. “This segment wasn’t supposed to be anything about Kail,” she began. “I can only speak for myself and my personal experience but the level of disrespect, bullying/shamming [sic], & mean girl attitudes is disgusting. I’d be ashamed of myself!”

She continued, “I showed up, completed my segments, collected my [money] & rolled out. That’s what I will continue to do but don’t take my kindness and support for all women growing as a sign of weakness or being gullible. We are grown ass-women with children watching our lives. We should have enough dignity and self-respect to act as such[!]”

While navigating the questions about Kail, Ashley Jones got up and walked off the set, upset that her friend Kail was being discussed. Later, on her Instagram stories, she clarified her feelings on the matter.

“Let me make something extremely clear,” she began. “I would never sit in a room and be silent while my friend is being chopped, for that purpose I removed myself. It’s not about control, it’s about loyalty. Kail was there via Zoom why wasn’t she present for this segment. It’s messy. Period.”

She added, “And the next time you ask me why I’m in it or making a comment refer to this video. It’s always 2 against 1, and respectfully Kail got friends too.”

Although she only popped in on the reunion via Zoom, Kail still had some more thoughts on the situation she shared on Instagram stories.

“I have never been upset with Leah for going to TMFR,” she shared. “In fact, I supported her and told her to go & collect her check.”

Then she added, jokingly, “Jade, why are you commenting?”

The reunion for Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesday at 8pm on MTV. We’ll see how the ladies will work out this drama!

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