Teresa Giudice, Dina Manzo’s Friendship Drama Explained – Hollywood Life

Teresa Giudice, Dina Manzo’s Friendship Drama Explained – Hollywood Life 7

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There’s been a lot of speculation about Dina Manzo and Teresa Giudice‘s friendship ever since the former skipped the latter’s August 2022 wedding. While Teresa has maintained that Dina didn’t go because she didn’t want to be filmed, Joe and Melissa Gorga shared a different side of the story during the April 4 episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. According to them, Teresa and Dina had a falling out over a failed business venture between their husbands, Luis Ruelas and Dave Cantin. And now, Teresa and Dina are “no longer friends”.

Dina was first mentioned in a scene between Melissa and Joe, while they were discussing last week’s fight with Teresa and Luis. Margaret Josephs told Melissa that after she and Joe left Rachel Fuda‘s brunch at her shore house, Luis started crying. Producers aired footage that showed him sobbing over Teresa’s feud with her brother and Melissa, but Joe told Melissa it felt like an act. He called Luis “two-faced” and then brought up how Luis allegedly got into an argument with Dina’s husband. Joe said Dave told him that he and Luis were going to start their own business, but just like the pizza oven business, it went south and “f***ed up another relationship in Teresa’s life”.

Then, later in the episode, Dolores Catania and Jennifer Aydin told the ladies that they were added to Teresa’s wedding party. “Teresa called while we were together and said that while she was meditating about her wedding, she pictured Jennifer and I being in the wedding,” Dolores explained. Jen then added, “We’re bridesmaids!”

Melissa was surprised to hear this information. Especially because Dolores wasn’t invited to Teresa and Luis’ engagement party in December 2021. Teresa previously said Dolores wasn’t invited to the engagement party because she was single at the time and it was all couples at the party, but there was also speculation that she wasn’t invited because she doesn’t get along with Dina, who is close to Teresa.

After Margaret revealed that Dina, who was originally in the wedding party, was no longer going to the wedding, a producer asked Dolores about speculation that Dina’s attendance stopped her from being at the engagement party. She said, “I’m not talking about Dina. Ever.”

Dolores and Jennifer claimed the change to Teresa’s wedding party was due to a “vision” Teresa had, but Melissa wasn’t convinced. Especially because she knows Luis and Dave’s failed business venture is what led to the change and Dina wanting to skip the wedding.

“Dolores wasn’t even invited to the engagement party. Why? Because Dina was,” Melissa said in her confessional. “I hear Louie and Dina’s man had an argument over business and these two are no longer friends. All the sudden it’s like, ‘Dolores, I was meditating.’ So convenient that meditation moment.” It definitely seems suspicious to us.

Want more drama? New episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey air Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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