The 11 Best Glossier Products to Buy, According to Editors

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I’ll put it like this: Even my 72-year-old father (who knows nothing about beauty aside from the occasional face mask I make him try) has heard of Glossier. The brand is just that well-known. If pressed, he could even list off a few of the biggest top sellers like Boy Brow (which he adorably calls “Boy Stuff”), Cloud Paint, and Balm Dotcom. Of course, he does have a beauty-obsessed wife and daughter, but when I asked him when and where he first heard of the brand, his reply was a perturbed, “Do you think I live under a rock?” (I suspect his addiction to scrolling through his Google feed, but what do I know?) Anyway, I digress.

Earlier this year, The Cut reported Glossier’s worth at a cashmere-cozy 1.2 billion, and while the brand might be known for its syrupy shimmer and pink packaging aesthetic, it’s basically untouchable where product demand is concerned. Everyone knows Glossier, and everyone wants it. But of course, we have some thoughts as beauty editors.

Despite their ironclad following, some products are superior to others (just being honest!), and as people who—quite literally—receive and try hundreds of products every month, we’re pretty good judges of formulaic character. Ahead, we’re sharing the 11 best Glossier products we’re truly obsessed with and have rebought after ravaging our initial free ones. Keep scrolling! Your beauty editor–approved Glossier shopping guide awaits. 

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