The 18 Best Products for a Nontoxic Beauty Routine

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Confession: My beauty routine has not always been the cleanest. But after recently learning more about all the gross chemicals the FDA fails to regulate in our beauty products, I’ve made it a goal to eliminate products from my collection that contain any of these chemicals. Now, I didn’t just dump my entire medicine cabinet one day (for budgetary reasons, plus I don’t want to be wasteful), but I made it a rule that once I finished something, I would replace that item with a clean option.

I’ll admit that some things I tried were a bit lackluster, but then there were other products that knocked it out of the park—not just in the clean beauty category but in the beauty world as a whole. From the miracle cleansing balm that removes waterproof mascara in one swoop to the only natural deodorant I’ve ever liked, below are the 18 best nontoxic beauty products I’ve tried that I’m now totally committed to. 

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