The 20 Best Carry-On Bags—and the Worst

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I never want to be that person at airport security. You know—the flustered traveler who slows down the line due to a lack of organization and what not. Basically my worst nightmare. While I’ve streamlined my process over the years (thanks in large part to TSA PreCheck), I noticed one hiccup recently that continued to slow me down…

Yep, like many, I’ve always relied on a massive open tote bag as my carry-on. In my defense, the choice has made sense in theory. You can toss your entire life inside and fill it to the brim to avoid checking extra bags. Unfortunately, this silhouette just isn’t that practical. Think about it: You send it off down the conveyor belt through security, and unless there’s a bin to toss it in, your belongings more or less jump ship, spilling out everywhere.

The issue then escalates when you put the bag under the seat, right? So much fun watching various items (a phone charger, a water bottle, etc.) roll out during takeoff—not. My solution was to invest in pouches to at least compact everything so loose items wouldn’t fall out. But I realized I kept making my travel routine feel even more high-maintenance… The solution? While it may seem simple, it’s all about opting for a zippered tote that has functional inside pockets to keep everything in place.

TBH, I recently introduced this type of bag into my airport style game with this pick from Dagne Dover—and it has minimized my airport stress. What about you? Do you rely on zippered totes? Are you ready to ditch your open tote for something else? Regardless, I rounded up 20 perfect carry-on bags to shop below that could easily streamline your jet-set life (like they have mine).

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