The 24 Best Fashion Investment Buys With Major Longevity

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As I’ve gotten older, it’s become increasingly important to me to save up for wardrobe investments as opposed to just buying every bright, shiny object that strikes my fancy. I finally acknowledged that said bright, shiny objects were keeping me from buying the quality things I had been wanting for a long time, and lately, I’ve been making it a point to diligently save my funds for items that are actually worth the splurge.

So what makes an item worth the splurge, you ask? In a word, longevity. If it’s something that you can wear for years (and multiple times within each year), the cost per wear is low, which justifies the splurge. With this longevity factor in mind, I curated a selection of some of my favorite bags, shoes, clothing items, and accessories that will truly improve your style (or at least a lot of your outfits). So if you’re ready to make an investment, or at least start saving up, keep scrolling to find out why these 24 items are so special.

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