The 8 Best Skincare Tips for Every Skin Type

The 8 Best Skincare Tips for Every Skin Type 7

First and foremost, unless absolutely necessary (like, for instance, there’s a worldwide pandemic, and you’re cut off from a derm’s office), please don’t extract at home. It can increase your chances of infection, spreading bacteria, and scarring. However, if you do try an at-home extraction, take precautions and follow our facialist-led guide here.

Every single skincare professional I’ve seen and interviewed since becoming a beauty editor has waxed poetic on the importance of regular facials and consistency with necessary extractions, even if congestion isn’t necessarily your top skin concern. That said, there’s a fine line with extractions, and too many too often can be really, really hard on your skin, especially if you’re not allowing your skin ample time to heal After going through a period where I was getting—I kid you not—roughly 50 extractions every couple weeks, my skin was wrecked. I had scarring, so much redness, broken blood vessels… It was not a good situation. I had been told that that kind of boot camp was what my skin needed in order to clear and heal.

So you can imagine my surprise when I saw a slew of new experts who told me they weren’t going to extract (or only do a handful) in favor of light, gentle peels and hydration-focused treatments.

Melanie Grant once told me that our skin is smart. It knows how to heal and recover and purge, and while extractions can be helpful, leaving our skin alone—or equipping ourselves with strategic products geared toward our skin type—is sometimes the best antidote when it comes to inflammation.

“I recommend incorporating a salicylic acid–based cleanser or serum to deep-clean the pores and reduce inflammation,” explains Grant. “Formulas with BHAs are best as they penetrate deep into the pore, cutting through oil and liquifying the sebum. Avoid heavy, occlusive creams and oils, and add a clay- or charcoal-based masque two or three times per week to draw out impurities and mop up excess oil.” 

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