The Amazon Capsule Wardrobe—From a Prime Power Shopper

The Amazon Capsule Wardrobe—From a Prime Power Shopper 7
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Fun fact: I’m one of those crazy Amazon shoppers—and put my Prime account to solid use on a regular basis. In fact, I tend to buy the majority of my essentials from the mega-retailer—everything from toilet paper (yep) to basic clothing. On the fashion front, I realized on a recent overhaul that you could, in theory, build an entire perfect wardrobe by simply shopping on Amazon because, as I just stated, the e-shop truly stocks all of the essentials you need. Thus, the Amazon capsule wardrobe was born.

Ahead, I break down the seven key pieces you could buy on Amazon to act as the building blocks for an A+ wardrobe. Incorporate these versatile items into your arsenal and you’ll be left with endless outfit ideas. Keep scrolling to uncover the seven fashion must-haves worth trying from Amazon—and shop a range of corresponding staples to fit every style.

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