The Barbz Are Trying To Decode Nicki Minaj’s Cryptic ‘Megatron’ Posts

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Earlier today NickiMinaj made a few cryptic posts across all her social media platforms with the word “Megatron”. With this being the first post Onika has made in a while, the Barbz didn’t hesitate to start cutting up.

As you read this, the Barbz are currently trying to decode the meaning of “Megatron”. A few of them seem to be running with the idea that the meaning is a hint of a collaboration between Nicki, Trina, and Meg Thee Stallion. How did they come to this conclusion you might ask? Well, according to the Barbz ‘Mega’ stands for Megan, ‘Tr’ stands for Trina, and ‘On’ stands for Onika. 

The attempted decoding doesn’t stop there however, check out the other theories other Barbz have below!

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