The Best Double-Shampoo Products to Buy in 2024

The Best Double-Shampoo Products to Buy in 2024 7

No hair journey is linear, but in 2024, all roads lead to double-shampooing. For those new to the trend, double-shampooing is the act of washing your hair twice in the same session. The first wash will break down oils, flakes, and product build-up while the second wash fully eliminates product build-up, nourishes your strands, and gives your scalp that deep clean. (They had me at product build-up.)

As a slicked-back-bun enthusiast, my wash day is dedicated to removing all the gel and hairspray sitting on my scalp. And when wash day comes around, the two brands I use are Aussie and Head & Shoulders. They’ve been staples in my haircare routine for decades, keeping my strands and scalp hydrated and dandruff-free. I’m not alone on this double-shampoo journey—some of my favorite content creators are also committed to healthy, moisturized strands this year. I recruited Paola Matute and Soleil Callueng to show us how the Head & Shoulders Bare Shampoo has been treating their hair, and I tapped Ashlund Ortiz and Nicole Davis to test Aussie’s Moisturizing Shampoo. I could go on and on about how amazing their hair looks, but I’ll just let you see for yourself.

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If you follow her social media accounts, you know that Matute takes her hair maintenance very seriously, and her gorgeous hair is proof. “I like using products that are good for my hair and scalp, and the Head & Shoulders Bare has minimal ingredients, which I love,” she says. In fact, this shampoo has only nine ingredients. Plus, it’s sulfate-free, silicone-free, and dye-free. Matute washes her hair three times a week, and before she started double-shampooing on wash day, her hair was oily by day two. “Ever since I started double-shampooing, I can go longer with my hair and scalp feeling clean even after a sweaty workout!” she says.

Influencers Shampooing Their Hairr

If Ortiz had to describe her hair in three words, they would be “fine, dry, and fragile.” She lives in Salt Lake City, so she likes to use moisturizing products to keep her hair from drying out. “I loved Aussie’s moisturizing shampoo because I love a good lather. The shampoo was easy to work into my hair, and I felt like it was actually doing its job!” she says. Ortiz admits to having a pretty extensive haircare routine that includes oils, serums, and heat protectants, but “double-shampooing makes me feel like my hair is actually clean after washing it,” she says. “I feel like the first initial shampoo breaks down all the gunk, so in the second round, your shampoo and conditioner can truly do their job.”

Influencers Shampooing Their Hairr

Callueng says her typical haircare routine “consists of shampooing and conditioning every two to three days, using a hair mask once a week.” Her hair did a complete 180 after she started double-shampooing. In fact, she says it changed her life. “I used to have to shampoo my hair every day because of how oily my hair and scalp would become within one day, but ever since I started double-shampooing with the Head & Shoulders Bare Shampoo, my hair has been able to sustain two to three days without shampooing and still look fresh.” She would recommend it to everyone, especially those prone to oily hair. “I can really see the change in my hair after using the Head & Shoulders Bare Shampoo. My hair feels super silky, and my scalp feels nongreasy even after two days of no washing,” she says.

Influencers Shampooing Their Hairr

Managing curls is not easy, but Davis knew exactly which product to turn to for smooth hair. “My hair goal is moisture, and double-shampooing with the Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo really does do just that,” she says. We have this product’s amazing ingredients to thank for that. “I love the avocado and jojoba oil extracts in the shampoo,” she says. “I’m seeing a huge difference with how smooth my hair feels after a wash.” One of the biggest problems she has with other shampoos is that they strip her hair, leaving it dry, but she experiences the exact opposite with Aussie.

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