The Best Eyebrow Makeup Celebrities Wear

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It’s no secret celebrities have access to the best skincare experts in the industry. Honestly, they could easily walk red carpets and attend events completely barefaced sans any kind of makeup. But they also have access to the best makeup artists, and playing around with makeup is (subjectively) fun—whether you’re a celeb or not. It’s also no secret that things like mascara, foundation, and lipstick can make us feel a tad more confident in ourselves and our ability to tackle whatever kind of insanity life chooses to chuck at us. (Of course, if you happen to feel more heroic barefaced, we love that, and to each their own!) 

The subject of eyebrows, however, is important to address. They frame our face, and depending on their shape, thickness, or lack thereof, they can completely alter the way our face looks. Brow makeup is unique compared to other types of cosmetic products because unlike a statement lipstick, shimmering eye shadow, or a pop of colorful eyeliner, we don’t want our brow products to shout from the rooftops. Instead, we want our brow makeup to perfect and enhance our natural brow shape while taking a back seat to the features or products we are trying to show off. 

Since the best brow makeup is usually completely undetectable or unidentifiable, we decided to reach out to three top makeup artists who coif the arch-blessed likes of Yara Shahidi, Lucy Hale, Laura Harrier, Karlie Kloss, and more to find out the precise brow formulas they use to make their clients look like they were born with brows blessed from the heavens. Ahead, eight celebrities with great brows and the exact products their makeup artists use on them—tips included. Keep scrolling! 

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