The Charm Jewellery Trend Is Back And It’s Never Looked Better

The Charm Jewellery Trend Is Back And It's Never Looked Better 7

Trends come and go but great jewellery is forever. Able to a last lifetime (and beyond), your favourite jewels should offer you an easy way to speak to your personal style everyday. This is why I take the curation of my own jewellery collection very seriously. When I shop for jewellery I like to make sure I have a mixture of refined pieces that layer well and look elegant on their own, as well as more playful items that bring a smile to my face and add a fresh twist to my daily looks.

Bridging these two is the growing charm jewellery trend. Peppering classic necklaces and bracelets with jovial trinkets, the charm jewellery trend offers a lighthearted way to enliven your day-to-day styling.

Gigi Hadid wears a charm necklace.

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The appeal of the charm jewellery trend lays in the possibilities for personalisation. Available in an extensive range of designs, you don’t have to look far to come across a design that perfectly encapsulates your taste.

Any fashion person around in the ’00s will tell you that the charm jewellery trend was the easiest way to showcase your personal interests or travel adventures, Now, the jewellery trend is set to regain its status in 2024. Available in both sleeker and more humorous designs than its ’00s predecessors, 2024s charm jewels feel fresh, vibrant and so easy to wear.

Paris Hilton styles a charm necklace

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Backed by so many of our favourite jewellery designers, the charm jewellery trend is taking off this season. To get behind the growing trend seek out unique charms on your travels and stack them up on your favourite chains. Otherwise, read on to discover our favourite pre-designed charm jewellery items to shop this season.

Influencer wears a charm necklace.

From Astrid & Miyu’s dainty take to Alex Monroe’s animal-embellished style, read on to discover our edit of the best charms and charm jewellery to shop this season.