The Controversial Dress Trend We’ll Be Seeing in 2020

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We’re all for a cool and slightly more offbeat styling tricks to take an ensemble to the next level. You know, like wearing your button-down backward, pairing a choker necklace over a turtleneck, or yes, even teaming a dress (or skirt) with trousers. In fact, we wanted to focus specifically on the latter today as it’s an easy way to bring a fashion-forward twist to an outfit.

While the elevated look has actually been a styling front-runner for fashion girls for a few years, there’s a strong chance it will hit the mainstream market in an even greater way in 2020 as the trend came in hot in the current spring/summer collections. Yep, brands from Gucci to Jil Sander showcased a range of dresses—including shirt and knit styles—over trousers like flares and wide-leg cuts. Sure, it may seem more unconventional in theory, but the layered vibe is definitely worth a try given its high-concept nature.

To highlight further, we rounded up some of the key runway moments featuring this styling trick. And to showcase how to wear the look IRL, we also included inspiration on how style setters are wearing the dress-over-trousers vibe right now, complete with styling and shopping tips. Keep scrolling for more and get ready to jump on this A+ look before all of your friends do.

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