The Metallic Trend Is Back—Here’s the Best Metallic Clothing

The Metallic Trend Is Back—Here's the Best Metallic Clothing 7
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If you grew up or spent any amount of time as a consciously thinking human in the ’80s, this microtrend is about to give you all the feels—as in, all the nostalgia—good or bad. Just like the other trends reemerging from the decade right now, such as puffy sleeves and neon brights, this one is bound to be polarizing. Ready or not, metallic clothing is on the rise.

While you may have reserved your shiniest, sparkliest pieces for nights out or New Year’s Eve, it’s time to embrace your inner disco girl for all hours of the day, too. If metallic clothing seems intimidating to you, fret not. The easiest way to embrace all that glitters is by balancing it out with clean neutrals and solid-colored basics. Try out a pair of pink metallic mules with your everyday jeans or ground a party dress with neutral heels. Get inspired by how fashion girls are reclaiming the trend in 2020, and then shop some suggestions to get you started.

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