The Most Comfortable Jeans in Relaxed Styles and Cuts

The Most Comfortable Jeans in Relaxed Styles and Cuts 7

Does anyone else feel personally victimized by rigid jeans? After consistently reaching for more comfortable bottoms like relaxed trousers, leggings, or ribbed pants in lieu of jeans for more weeks than I care to admit, the thought of putting on a pair of heavy rigid denim sends shivers down my spine. Will I be able to go a full day without wanting to tear them off? Will my jeans even fit like they used to? These are the anxieties circulating in my mind as I look over at my well-curated denim stack which has sat idly in my closet recently. 

Nonetheless, I don’t think I could live without jeans, and although it will take me a bit to get used to wearing 100% cotton denim again, I think I’ve found the pairs to help ease me back into wearing jeans more frequently again. I’ve finally found the time to sort through my denim pile and figure out which ones aren’t serving me currently and which ones I’ll be wearing all 2023. Relaxed styles like barrel jeans wide-leg options are the most appealing right now, as are any jeans with a significant amount of stretch in them.  

Since I’m confident that I’m not alone in this search for comfortable yet stylish jeans to help bridge the gap back, I went ahead and not only shared my current favorites, but the most comfortable pairs online with the best reviews. If you relate, keep scrolling to see and shop them all.

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