The Real Reason Gypsy Rose Deleted Her Public Social Media

The Real Reason Gypsy Rose Deleted Her Public Social Media 7

Gypsy Rose Blanchard recently revealed she deleted her public social media pages. She wasn’t shy about explaining why her privacy matters more than social media’s hell-like energy.

According to Y! Entertainment, her release in December 2023 catapulted her into the limelight. And with fame, the trolls come running!

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Gypsy, 32, who once enjoyed social media, has decided to break away from the apps. As previously reported, the Louisiana native posted a video on TikTok shortly after her release from prison.

Recently, she utilized the same platform to explain why she deactivated her Instagram page and created a new private account. However, as of Friday, it seems like her public TikTok page is also gone. Fans first noticed her pull-back on socials on March 10.

Why Did Gypsy Rose Delete Her Instagram?

To keep it simple, Gypsy isn’t here for any pump-faking or delusional living.

“I do my best to live my authentic life and what’s real to me, and what’s not real is social media,” Rose explained. “Social media is literally a doorway to hell. It’s so crazy. I can’t even wrap my head around what social media is. I thought that once I got out of prison I’d come out and I’d enjoy social media like the next person, taking selfies and just acting goofy. It’s the simple stuff in life, right?”

Additionally, Gypsy Rose made it clear that this is a final decision. She has no plans to make her private Instagram account public in the future. She said her father’s guidance contributed to her decision.

“He gave me some guidance that I feel like I really need it. And that guidance was to show me that real life is something you can touch, something you can feel,” she said. “People you can actually hug.”

Furthermore, Rose noted how “public scrutiny” can be so cruel when she just wants to live a normal life.

“I created my private Instagram. And I got it verified,” she added. “And I had no trouble or doubts of deleting that public one.” 

Before deleting her public profile, Blanchard boasted about 7.8 million Instagram followers. Many wondered how she could delete her account at such a high number. But Gypsy clarified that she doesn’t “give a ‘F’ about a following.”

She first became a household name after she and her then-boyfriend Nicholas Godejohn schemed and, ultimately, murdered her mother in 2015.

Dee Dee, her mom, abused Gypsy Rose extensively throughout her childhood. She not only lied about her actual age but claimed Rose had medical conditions that she did not. Gypsy ultimately served eight out of a 10-year prison sentence.

Lifetime produced a movie about her life called ‘Love You To Death.’ A follow-up docuseries will be released this year called, ‘The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard.’

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