The Watermelon Nails Trend Is Suddenly Everywhere—16 Designs I Love

The Watermelon Nails Trend Is Suddenly Everywhere—16 Designs I Love 7

Warm weather has finally arrived, and I’m on the lookout for summer nail trends to get some inspiration for my next manicure. Summer is the ideal time to experiment with bright nail colours and summer nail art, and with sandal season now here, I’m ready for 2024 pedicure trends too.

Whilst chrome “glazed donut” nails and the “strawberry girl” aesthetic dominated last summer, this year, there’s a new foodie-inspired nail trend that’s been trickling into our Instagram feeds and For You pages, and that’s watermelon nails.

Watermelon nails are the ideal summer nail design as they provide endless inspiration. You could go for tiny nail art watermelon slices all over a bare nail (so cute) or have a watermelon slice as a colourful French tip. Many of the designs I’ve seen combine watermelon pink and green colours into an ombré design (complete with watermelon seeds), and I’ve lost count of the number of watermelon jelly nail designs I’ve spotted. However, a simple coat of a pinky-red watermelon hue looks great as a block colour all over the nail if you prefer something more simple. They look great if you’re headed on holiday, to a festival or just want to give your summer manicure a juicy update.

Ready for some watermelon nail design inspiration? Scroll ahead for the best I’ve found.

Watermelon Nail Ideas

1. Watermelon Micro Nail Art

Tiny watermelon nail art negative space nails

How cute is this tiny watermelon nail art?

2. Watermelon Ombré Chrome

Watermelon ombre chrome nails

A fun way to update a chrome manicure for summer 2024.

3. Watermelon Reverse French Manicure

Watermelon reverse French manicure nails

The half moon at your nail bed is the perfect shape for a watermelon slice. So fun!

4. Watermelon Block Nails

Watermelon colour nails

I love a fruity watermelon hue as an all-over nail colour. It’s the perfect shade for summer.

5. Watermelon Tutti Frutti Nail Art

Watermelon mixed fruit nail art

Can’t decide on just one fruit? Go tutti frutti with one on each nail.