The Weeknd Sleeps On Daniel Craig’s Couch – Hollywood Life

The Weeknd Sleeps On Daniel Craig’s Couch – Hollywood Life 7

In the words of Taylor Swift, The Weeknd and Daniel Craig have some ‘bad blood’ in this sketch — which features Abel ‘sleeping on the couch’ of his ex who’s happily married to the Brit!

We didn’t know The Weeknd, 30, and Daniel Craig, 52, knew each other, much less dated the same girl (played perfectly by a brunette Heidi Gardner)! In his latest R&B “song,” also featuring SNL cast members Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson, the trio seem to all share the same problem: that they’re “sleeping on the couch” after some unidentified relationship issues. “Out drinking with my boys late night, come to my lady past midnight, she wakes up and she throwin’ me shade…” Kenan opens. Well, that sort of sounds like reason enough to be “sleeping on the couch”! In a Boyz II Men-inspired trio, Chris, Kenan and The Weeknd belted out the chorus taking us straight back to the good ‘ol days of ’90s R&B!

Seemingly, Chris is having some of the same issues with his lady. “Working late, making paper, hitting deadline,” he explains — leather jacket, fedora and all — adding that he’s been “comin’ home late, strolling in past bedtime.” With his brand new sheet set, the actor is getting cozy on his sofa while buds The Weeknd and Kenan note their spouses are all “tucked in bed real tight.”

While Kenan and Chris’ drama seems to fairly surface, Abel’s just takes it to a whole other level. Pouring his girlfriend (played by Heidi) a glass of red wine, he begins breaking down the scenario that — yup — has him sleeping on the couch. “Make dinner like lovers do, pour her wine, but I’m sleeping on the couch,” he confusingly explains (Kenan and Chris seemingly are trying to make amends with roses and gifts, once again, leading the audience to wonder what’s really going on). “Tell me what I gotta do, to get back in the bed with you,” The Weeknd then sings, asking Heidi what he “ever did” to deserve that uncomfortable sofa. It turns out, Heidi and The Weeknd’s relationship isn’t what it seems!

“We broke up five years ago and I got married to another guy,” Heidi sings to a confused Weeknd, adding that he really has to stop “crashing here.” The other guy? None other than Daniel Craig! “You really can’t keep coming here, bud. I know you don’t have to place to stay, but we got kids!” Daniel firmly states. Now this is a twist we didn’t see coming!

“I guess I’m sleeping my car tonight,” The Weeknd then sings, beginning his — um — next chapter? It turns out he hasn’t even left Heidi and Daniel’s driveway! “You can’t park in the drive way, come on, let’s go,” Daniel then interrupts him, just as he’s getting into the chorus! “You don’t have to stand there and watch me leave,” The Weeknd says, as he reluctantly begins backing out his Toyota!

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