These 28 Random Acts Of Sarcasm Just Made My Day. I Can’t Stop Laughing At #15.

1.) Dang, Siri. That's cold.

You probably don’t give your coworkers, friends and family the credit they deserve for being clever. I only say that because, one day, they might come out of the woodwork and surprise you with a completely random act of sarcasm that’ll make you LOL for days (or embarrass you in front of everyone you know). If you push people beyond their limits by calling them out publicly, you might just be asking to get a little burned. Don’t underestimate people. That’s how you end up with egg on your face (and a sarcastic comment scrawled across your next passive aggressive note left in the kitchen.)

1.) Dang, Siri. That’s cold.

2.) I don’t think grandma “got” this sign.

3.) This might not be necessary, but it’s awesome.

4.) Remember to listen to your parents. No matter what they say.

5.) Well, that answers that.

6.) In case there was any confusion.

7.) Well played, Walmart.

8.) I want to laugh… and then take a picture anyway.

9.) Be a little more specific, please. Thank you.

10.) At least he knew he was being funny.

11.) And this is the perfect Twitter reply.

12.) And his lesson was learned about ill-timed sarcasm.

13.) Because those people are just going to do it anyway. The sarcastic sign at least helps.

14.) Breaking. The. Law.

15.) Now that’s a knee-slapper.

16.) Was your house trashed by a hurricane? Here’s a few bucks.

17.) This is the kind of important information we need to know.

18.) So in the future, don’t think of it as stealing. Think of it as “helping.”

19.) Now, Clippy can even annoy you in real life.

20.) This? This is pure evil.

21.) … … fair enough.

22.) Who cares about the toilet? We’re concerned about the font.

23.) Stick figures are better than six figures.

24.) Can you say OWNED???

25.) Glad to see we’re all on the same page.

26.) This puts my mind at ease.

27.) This is how you math. And own your teacher.

28.) At least she’ll never spell “axis” wrong again.

(H/T BuzzFeed) It’d be hard to be mad about any of these notes left behind. They may be cutting and sarcastic, but they’re also clever. They win. Share these awesome sarcastic responses by clicking on the button below. This is how you get ahead of the game.

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