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Tyler Baltierra gets a huge surprise on the season premiere of ‘Teen Mom OG.’ Catelynn Lowell blindfolds him and takes him to a cliff side in Bali for a recommitment ceremony.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell have had their relationship ups and downs, which fans have got to watch on Teen Mom OG. She decided they needed to recommit to each other and surprised Tyler with a romantic ceremony while on vacation in Bali. In a sneak peek for the March 17 episode and season premiere, Tyler is standing outside their bungalow in a t-shirt and shorts, as Catelynn, 28, emerges in a beautiful white dress. He compliments her on how pretty she looks and even notices she’s wearing her pearl earrings and bracelet, which should be a hint that something big is coming!

She gives Tyler, 28, a blindfold to put on and he’s surprised, even asking the producers off camera “what?” and if he really has to do this. They get in the back seat of a golf cart and head off, with Tyler explaining how he’s trying to see out the corners but he can’t, as the blindfolds are cupped. The pair is holding hands and Cate is beaming with joy, knowing what’s ahead. Eventually they get out and walk down a grassy hill where Cate tells him to stop. She takes off the blindfold and he asks what’s going on.

An officiant is then seen motioning them to come forward to join her on a cliffside overlooking the ocean. “So Cate decided to surprise you with a recommitment ceremony, so that you can begin a fresh start,” she tells a still somewhat confused Tyler. The officiant hands Cate a gorgeous bouquet of tropical flowers and tells the couple to each grab a stone from a bowl on the ground.

She tells the couple to blow into the stone and release “anything you’ve been holding onto. Anything from the past that needs to be cleared.” They each blow onto the stones and the officiant then says they’re going to throw the stones in the ocean. Fans will have to tune in to MTV on March 17 at 8pm ET/7pm CT to see what happens next. But in the season’s trailer, Tyler is seen in tears of emotion as the couple shares saying “I love you” to each other. So Cate’s surprise to have them renew their vows and start fresh really means a lot to him. Tyler shared the clip on Twitter and wrote that he “literally had no idea what was going on lol @CatelynnLowell did so good with her surprise!”

After 13 years as a couple, going from high school sweethearts to married parents of two (three counting the daughter they gave up for adoption as teens), this was such a sweet moment. The couple married in 2015, and the vow renewal came after several turbulent years, which included Catelynn going to treatment following depression and suicidal thoughts, and a trial separation. But now that they’ve blown into the stones and threw away anything negative, Tyler and Catelynn are off to a fresh start!

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