Tia Kemp Slams Rick Ross For Celebrating End Of Child Support

Tia Kemp Slams Rick Ross For Celebrating End Of Child Support 7

One thing about Tia Kemp: she doesn’t hold back regarding her ex-man Rick Ross. This week, she cooked him online—for the millionth time—after he expressed joy about the end of his child support payments.

The former couple shared one son named William Roberts III, named after his father. Earlier this year, the 18-year-old committed to Bethune-Cookman University’s football team, meaning he will be an HBCU student and athlete this fall, per Yahoo! News.

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Here’s What Rick Ross Said About Child Support

Sunday, as you might remember, also marked Father’s Day. The day before, on June 15, the father of five took to his Instagram Story with positive energy about the end of one child support case. He started his video by saying, “God is great,” and giving the date.

“This what I wanna know,” he said, pausing to lick his bottom lip. “What would you rather celebrate, Father’s Day or the date of your last child support payment,” Rick asked. “Or, what if your last child support payment was on Father’s Day weekend? That’s what you call divine divinity.”

Tia Kemp Pops OFF On Her Son’s Father

Social media users, especially dads who can relate, might’ve gotten a kii out of Rick Ross’ applauding the end of his payments. But guess who absolutely did not? Ms. Tia Kemp. She responded by dragging her son’s father in an explicit video that went triple platinum overnight in the media.

Tia kicked off her video with a smile, saying, “That’s a good one.” Then, she proceeded to go IN.

“Listen here, b***h–every day I’m f**king hustlin’. I heard you was over there talking about you the best Father’s Day gift you could have got was you sending your last child support pay payment or something b***h,” Tia said. “You stupid, silly motherf**ker. Who the f**k give a f**k about your child support payments, b***h?” 

She continued, warning Rozay that she can spin the block in court and request continued support. And if I want some more, I’ll take my a*s over to family court and get some while he going to college,” Kemp said. 

For context, it’s unclear what state their child support case is based in. However, Williams III attended high school in Fort Lauderdale at St. Thomas Aquinas. This seemingly indicates that the mother and son reside in Florida.

Florida law reportedly indicates that the court cannot require a parent to pay child support after a child graduates from high school or turns 18. There are a few exceptions, though, including for kids who suffer from severe disabilities and court orders coming in from other states.

Nonetheless, Tia Kemp said her ex-man is “not worthy” for her to go through another legal case. She claimed that she makes plenty of coins hosting club shows. “I can pay for college outta pocket, you dumb, fat b***h,” she said.

Whew, peep all the way Kemp dragged Rozay below!

Has Rozay Responded To Ex?

Meanwhile, Rick Ross hasn’t paid his ex any mind online, at least not directly.

But early Tuesday, he reposted a video of another man reacting to his first check without child support deductions. He captioned it, “Let’s run dis back again [four laughing emojies]. We did it [sunglasses smiley face and champagne toast emojis].” 

Additionally, he loaded up his Instagram Story with motivational talks about careers, money, his car collection, his recently passed car show, and dreaming of the impossible.

He also briefly spoke about reparations, saying that Black people must collectively agree on the “payout” before fighting for reparations.

Late last night, he shared that he was in Los Angeles filming for a movie called Swipe. He didn’t share his role in the film, but he gave a preview of his script cover.

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