Ties Are 2020’s Newest Trend—Here’s How to Wear It

Ties Are 2020's Newest Trend—Here's How to Wear It 7

Something peculiar happened on the fall/winter 2020 runways: We saw a lot of ties. Yes, like the ties a dad would typically wear to work wrapped tightly underneath a button-down collared shirt. When suiting started infiltrating the women’s ready-to-wear scene again about two years ago, we had a hunch it would be here to stay but didn’t know that all the extras would come with it. Along with the rise of big blazers and tailored trousers, we saw an increase in button-down shirts, loafers, and now, even ties.

Typically, when we see a trend on a runway, it’s not expected for it to bubble in the street style scene for another six months (especially with a trend as niche as this one), but somehow, the stars aligned and fashion week attendees were spotted all over the streets of Milan, Paris, and London wearing ties the shows setting the trend for the season ahead. If you need a little time to get used to this more unconventional accessories trend, we don’t blame you, but to butter you up to the idea, we put all the best runway and street style images featuring ties for you to gaze upon below.

Whether paired with a traditional suit or layered underneath sweaters and atop button-downs, ties are the trend to keep an eye on both now and in the coming months, as we expect fashion followers to adopt the trend fully by fall 2020.

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