Tinsley & Dorinda Fight About Scott — Recap – Hollywood Life

Tinsley & Dorinda Fight About Scott — Recap – Hollywood Life 7
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Bethenny Frankel’s abrupt exit from ‘RHONY’ shocked the ladies in the first few minutes of the April 2 season premiere, but the drama that followed was even more mind-blowing.

The Real Housewives of New York City interestingly broke the fourth wall during the season premiere on April 2, when everyone reacted to Bethenny Frankel‘s shocking exit from the series. In the first two minutes of the episode, everyone from Ramona Singer to Tinsley Mortimer shared their feelings on their co-star’s unexpected news by calling it everything from “huge” to a big “F U”. And when Ramona was pushed by producers to say more about the news, she snored and said, “I don’t know why we even have to acknowledge it. It’s so stupid.” Dorinda Medley, however, said she felt like “crying about it”, but Ramona thought they’d “be better without [Bethenny] because everyone will be freer in spirit.” And as Luann de Lesseps said, “the show must go on”, so that’s exactly what it did.

The season premiere officially kicked off with Luann finishing her probation and celebrating with Sonja Morgan. But even though Sonja was thrilled for Luann, she wanted Lu to remember and “feel” how she mistreated everyone last year, so she doesn’t do it again. Luann didn’t feel she mistreated anyone, but they still hugged it out and decided to move forward.

Later, Tinsley met up with her friend, Leah McSweeney (the new housewife), for boxing, during which Tinsley revealed she that she has “moved on” from Scott Kluth and is currently focusing on herself. But she also confessed that she’s dating a new guy named Bruce — a name she “doesn’t love” — so is she really focusing on herself? That’s up for debate. Leah, meanwhile, told Tinsley that she’s single since the guy she was dating put his divorce “on hold”. So she told him that her “p**** was on hold”. Fair enough, right?

And speaking of dating, Ramona’s on the prowl and looking for love. But not everything’s going according to plan. During a night out with some female friends, Ramona said she’s currently feeling “alone” and often wakes up in her new NYC condo “crying”. She also said she’s “scared” she won’t find someone to be with, and upon admitting that, she started sobbing. But in a matter of seconds, she was laughing again and taking a sip of her cocktail.

The season premiere then culminated with Dorinda’s end of summer party, which brought all the ladies together, including newbie Leah. It also featured a wild performance by drag queen Chelsea Piers, who performed Luann’s song “Feelin’ Jovani” — it was an effort on Dorinda’s part to show Luann that she no longer had any ill feelings towards her. But not everything was fun and games.

Despite the warm start to the evening, drama quickly unfolded when Dorinda and Tinsley sat down for a talk. Tinsley said she wanted to talk sometime in the future when they can be alone with each other, but Dorinda wasn’t willing to wait. So she went right into Tinsley and accused her of lying about her romance with Scott. Dorinda just wants “transparency” from Tinsley, but she doesn’t feel like she’s getting that. Even so, Tinsley told Dorinda that she’s telling the truth.

They failed to see eye-to-eye, and after screaming at each other, Dorinda finished by making fun of Tinsley’s “dolly voice” and accusing her of “laying on her back” to get gifts from Scott, if you know what we mean. Tinsley called her a “jealous b****” before Dorinda stormed off and the episode ended.

Want more drama? New episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City air Thursdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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