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Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick met up for lunch to catch up on the July 13 episode of The Kardashians. Kim shared that she’d recently received a phone call from Khloe’s ex, Tristan Thompson, who told her that he was buying a house in Hidden Hills, which is where Khloe also lives. Khloe said she knew Tristan was looking for property there months prior, but wasn’t aware that he’d actually bought a home.

“Where do you guys stand?” Scott wondered. “Is there talks of chances?” Khloe, once again, reiterated that there was “no chance” of her taking Tristan back. She broke up with the NBA star at the end of 2021 after finding out that he had cheated on her and secretly fathered another child. The baby was born just weeks after Khloe and Tristan had one of their embryos implanted in a surrogate so that they could have a second child themselves.

khloe kardashian tristan thompson
Khloe and Tristan out and about. (BAHE / BACKGRID)

“If you felt like you wanted to open your heart and forgive, I’d support,” Scott assured Khloe. She explained that she was “fine” with Tristan and didn’t have the “energy” to still have issues with him. However, getting back together was not on the table. “I forgive Tristan,” Khloe explained. “It doesn’t mean I forget what he’s done. But I forgive Tristan for me because I gotta let that s*** go. I need to for myself. I can’t move on with my life if I’m holding onto this bulls***.”

This episode was filmed in November 2022, and just weeks later, Tristan’s mom unexpectedly died. Khloe and her family rallied around him to show their support. Throughout the beginning of 2023, Khloe was seen spending much more time with Tristan. However, she continuously insisted to fans that they were not back together romantically.

During the lunch, Kim, Scott and Khloe also discussed some of the crazy rumors about the KarJenner family. Khloe got heated over public talk about how the women in the family are to blame for mistakes the men in their lives have made. “This is where it’s f***** up,” she ranted. “It’s super sexist. Why can society blame us girls but they can’t blame the men? You’re telling me I made someone [Lamar Odom] a drug addict? You’re telling me I made someone cheat [Tristan]?”

Kim agreed and said, “I wish some of the guys would come to our defense.” Considering Scott had his fair share of issues with Kourtney Kardashian over the years, he made sure to take ownership. “I’ll say it right now,” he told the cameras. “I made mistakes. Hey, everybody, I’m sure you’ve watched every other season when we started the show. I f***** up a lot.”

Kim pointed out that Lamar was always somebody who defended the Kardashian family, even though he hasn’t had a personal relationship with any of them for years. “Lamar’s always come to our defense,” Khloe agreed. Kim added, “Thank you Lamar. Thank you for always coming to our defense. Thank you for keeping it real.”

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