Trump Commends NYPD For Clearing Pro-Palenstine Protesters

Trump Commends NYPD For Clearing Pro-Palenstine Protesters 7

Donald Trump celebrated New York law enforcement after officers cleared Pro-Palestine protesters from Columbia University.

The Hill reports the 77-year-old commended the NYPD for arresting the protestors and admonished President Biden for his mismanagement of the campus chaos.

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Trump Speaks On Campus Arrests

Demonstrations have appeared on college campuses nationwide.

Trump stated the protests were a “disgrace.” Additionally, Donald supported the Hamilton Hall arrests. He said, “It was a beautiful thing to watch.”

The former president described the entire city as being “under siege.” 

“…they did an incredible job. They went into one of the big buildings, a beautiful landmark building. Boy, it got the hell beat out of it last night,” he stated.

Trump continued, “But the police came in, and in exactly two hours, everything was over. It was a beautiful thing to watch.”

“New York’s finest,” the likely Republican nominee added.

Additionally, he encouraged “every college president” to “remove the encampments immediately.”

How Police Cleared Hamilton Hall

Protests began two weeks ago at Columbia University and gradually escalated. At the top of the week, demonstrators opposing Israel’s military strikes against Gaza took control of Hamilton Hall. Officers arrived on campus after the university requested help. The NYPD entered through a window late Tuesday with zip ties and riot shields. As a result, police arrested protestors. Additionally, the building was cleared.

The predicted Republican nominee for president criticized Joe Biden on Wednesday for remaining mum on the subject.

“Biden’s nowhere to be found. He hasn’t said anything,” Trump stated.

However, as previously reported, Biden made a statement on Thursday (May 2) at a White House press conference. The President said he supports campus protests but denounces hate speech and the destruction of property.

Joe said American rights must be protected. “The first is the right to free speech and for people to peacefully assemble and make their voices heard. The second is rule of law. Both must be upheld.”

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