#TSRExclusive: Reginae Carter Shares Lil Wayne’s Response To Her Hilarious Re-Enactment Of Him & Details What She’s Been Up To During Quarantine Season

#TSRExclusive: Reginae Carter Shares Lil Wayne's Response To Her Hilarious Re-Enactment Of Him & Details What She's Been Up To During Quarantine Season 7

It’s no secret that Reginae Carter is one of the many talents on Instagram that’s super lit during “quarantine season.” From her skits to dancing videos, she’s kept us entertained, and it’s no wonder why we’ve dubbed her as one of three people that’s owning this season.

Yesterday, the 21-year-old posted a hilarious re-enactment of her father Lil’ Wayne’s, 2012 deposition tape. When we tell you that it was the kiki of the day, that’s exactly what we mean.

So, we caught up with her to get Wayne’s response to her funny Tik Tok video as well as the inspiration behind choosing to re-enact the unforgettable moment.

Get into the interview below:

Yesterday, you gave us all a good kiki with your re-enactment of Wayne’s unforgettable deposition tape. How did he respond?

“His exact response was, ‘U a klown slime, lol.’ I always send him funny memes and things like that. That’s my best friend.”

 Also, what made you choose that specific moment to imitate him and how many times did you have to record? “I chose that moment because in my opinion, that’s one of the most iconic moments of my father. I recorded like three times. I’m a lot like my father in ways so it wasn’t hard at all.”

It’s no secret you’re a daddy’s girl. Now that you’re older, what are some moments you cherish the most between you and Wayne?

“My father and I have a pretty laid back relationship. When we get together it’s always jokes and good conversation. The last time I was with him, he showed me some dope stuff and I just sat back like wow, my dad is really the Goat.  People talk about how I defend my father, but that’s my best friend (my mom is too)! I wouldn’t be here without those two.”

More activity on IG means even more eyes are watching. What has your experience been like, since essentially providing entertainment for the world?

“This experience has been pretty cool! I feel like I’m just being me, and since people are sitting down, they have time to get to know the real me! I’m really funny and love to have fun! I hope my video reaches multiple platforms! I want people to see my talent and also laugh and take some stress off people because it’s a lot going on right now.”

We know you’re into acting. Has there been any talks of starring in any new potential roles since your videos?

“I’ve had people I look up to reach out to me and it’s been amazing . My agents are definitely working on things! I just say stay tuned.”

Once quarantine season is over, do you think you’ll continue with your videos?

“I’ll definitely continue my videos, but I’m in the process of starting my YouTube so I’ll be doing a lot of monologues and fun things like that (Tik Tok vids) on there I can’t wait! I’m so thankful for all the love I’ve been receiving. I truly appreciate it.”

Looks like Reginae is on the move and ain’t no stopping her anytime soon!

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