Unpacking Kevin Costner’s Shockingly Messy Divorce

Unpacking Kevin Costner's Shockingly Messy Divorce 7

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She had been a stay-at-home mom since their eldest child, Cayden, was born in 2007, Baumgartner stated, and her “marital lifestyle, including that of the children, was consistent with Kevin’s longterm exceedingly high income. My primary goal is to make sure that the children continue to thrive, and when they are with me, to live in a home and lifestyle that is at least somewhat comparable to that of their father.

The requested amount may seem high, her attorneys acknowledged in their June 16 filing, “but her request is in accord with California statutory and case law. This is precisely the type of case that demands an upward deviation so that the children will at least approach the standard of living of their father.”

Baumgartner stated in her declaration that she hadn’t touched any of the money Costner had previously paid her as dictated by the prenup, alleging his goal was “to get me to tap into this money, so he can argue that I’ve waived my right to challenge the Premarital Agreement.”

Aside from that money, the former model and handbag designer said she had $50,000 in the bank and no other assets or income.

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