Vicki Gunvalson Confronts Kelly Dodd At Tamra’s House — Recap – Hollywood Life

Vicki Gunvalson Confronts Kelly Dodd At Tamra’s House — Recap – Hollywood Life 7
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The OG of ‘RHOC’ — Vicki Gunvalson — made an appearance during the Aug. 13 episode, when she and Kelly Dodd went toe-to-toe over a pig emoji (!) and an accusation from last year’s reunion.

Kelly Dodd was shocked to learn how an allegation from last year’s Real Housewives of Orange County reunion has affected her daughter, Jolie. So, during the Aug. 13 episode, she refused to even speak to Vicki Gunvalson when they came face-to-face at Tamra Judge‘s housewarming party. As fans of the series will recall, Vicki had accused Kelly of using cocaine last year, and ever since then, Jolie has been getting harassing messages on Instagram. Jolie revealed that she had to go private on the social media app because fans were sending her direct messages and calling her mom, Kelly, a “coke head”. So it’s no surprise that Kelly dodged Vicki at Tamra’s party as often as she could.

However, Vicki was also upset with Kelly because Kelly had previously sent her a pig emoji video, during which Kelly went off on Vicki while highlighting one of her insecurities. In a previous season, Slade Smiley said Vicki looked like Miss Piggy, and since then she’s gotten a nose job to look less like the famous muppet, so Kelly knew what she was doing by sending a video that was masked with a pig emoji. Anyway, the two ladies finally — and reluctantly — came face-to-face at Tamra’s party, but every time Vicki would go near a table that Kelly was at, she’d walk away and pretend she had to get a drink.

Kelly eventually retreated inside to hide out for a while, and Vicki noticed. She even asked the ladies where Kelly went, so a few of them went to find out. Eventually, Tamra and Vicki were left alone at the table together, and the other ladies let Kelly know that Vicki had mentioned the pig emoji video. Even so, Kelly didn’t want to deal with Vicki, so she kept hiding inside.

Later, however, Kelly made her way outside, and that’s when — with some encouragement from Tamra — Vicki decided to approach Kelly and apologize for what she had said during last year’s reunion. But when Vicki asked Kelly if they could talk, Kelly refused and stormed inside. Vicki then followed her and started getting hostile by throwing jabs at Kelly for refusing to talk to her. And Kelly never gave in — she did, however, tell Vicki that her cocaine accusation severely hurt her daughter, Jolie, and Vicki said she never tried to hurt her daughter, but that didn’t seem good enough for Kelly. And their confrontation was cut short, when the episode ended, so it looks like the rest of their fight will continue next week.

Want more drama? New episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County air Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo!

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